England stars show true colours to Bukayo Saka after Arsenal star left embarrassed

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka pictured enjoying some downtime ahead of England's semi-final against Netherlands
-Credit: (Image: FA)

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka could only laugh after taking a tumble during an England team bonding session at Euro 2024.

Saka was named Man of the Match on Saturday evening after scoring both the all-important equaliser against Switzerland and a penalty in the 5-3 shootout win in the quarter-finals. It must have been a cathartic experience for the 22-year-old, who suffered horrendous racist abuse alongside Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford after the trio missed penalties in the Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy.

The Gunners' forward has overcome that terrible incident to grow into one of Gareth Southgate's key players, and it is likely he will start in Dortmund on Wednesday night in the semi-final clash with the Netherlands. Ahead of that game, the England squad were enjoying some downtime on the golf course to start their week.

Saka was captured, proving that he is not only good with a ball at his feet, as he hit an impressive drive down the fairway. His England players were clearly impressed as they cheered the attempt, and the Arsenal man lapped up the applause from his peers.

However, he soon found himself on the deck as he tripped up over a golf bag as he celebrated his shot, which unsurprisingly cued fits of laughter from the England squad. Saka was thankfully unhurt, with just his pride bruised after the trip, but this short clip showed the true colours of this squad of players.

Some critics have doubted whether the team are happy together this tournament considering some big names like; Harry Maguire, Jack Grealish and Rashford are missing. Southgate has always insisted the team's spirit remains unbroken and this was evidenced in the time spent away from the training pitch.

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Such a welcoming environment fostered by Southgate in the past eight years is key to why this England team have been so consistently successful.