England 21-52 Barbarians LIVE! International rugby match stream, result, latest score and updates today

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 (Getty Images for Barbarians)
(Getty Images for Barbarians)

England vs Barbarians - LIVE!

England fell to a third successive defeat as the Barbarians overcame a first-half red card shown to Will Skelton to win 52-21 at Twickenham, their biggest victory in the fixture.

Skelton became the first player sent off in Barbarians history when his shoulder to the head of Patrick Schickerling ended the Exeter prop’s afternoon because of a failed head injury assessment.

Forced to play 43 minutes with only 14 men, Fabien Galthie’s men showed their class by continuing to run in tries with Damian Penaud crossing twice and Baptiste Couilloud, Louis Carbonel, Max Spring and Antoine Hastoy also on the scoresheet.

Even the arrival of Danny Care early in the third quarter for his first international appearance in nearly four years failed to inspire disjointed England, who fired only in sporadic bursts.

Eddie Jones had picked the usual mix of youth and experience for the annual uncapped international, but even allowing for the experimental line-up it was a disappointing outing ahead of next month’s three-Test series against Australia.

To rub salt into England’s wounds, their former lock George Kruis kicked three conversions including an outrageous backheel to head into retirement with a smile on his face.

England vs Barbarians latest news

  • TRY! Kruis gets hat-trick of conversions after Hastoy goes over

  • TRY! Penaud with stunning finish for second of match

  • RED CARD! Skelton leaves Baa Baas down to 14

  • TRY! Cokanasiga stretches out for England try

  • TRY! Ollivon extends Barbarians lead

  • PENALTY TRY! May into sin bin for deliberate knock on

Match report

17:52 , Matt Verri

England produced a worryingly poor performance ahead of their tour of Australia as they were beaten 52-21 by the Barbarians at Twickenham.

Eddie Jones’ side played 44 minutes with an extra man, after Will Skelton was shown a red card, but the Baa Baas, who had a number of France’s winning Six Nations squad in their ranks, ran riot for much of the second-half.

A penalty try got the Barbarians up and running and seven more followed, with Damian Penaud going over twice and Charles Ollivon, Baptiste Couilloud, Louis Carbonel, Max Spring and Antoine Hastoy all touching down as well.

On his final professional appearance, George Kruis, who won 45 England caps, knocked over three conversions, including an outrageous backheeled effort.

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Eddie Jones: England will be better for defeat

17:36 , Matt Verri

“We’re disappointed with the result, you never like to get beaten by a score like that.

“We tried to do a few things differently today to test us, we weren’t quite good enough to execute it. There’s a number of guys there playing their first senior game, and others playing their first senior game for a long time, so we’ll be better for that.

“There’s a big gap between club level and international rugby, some of the guys experienced that today.”

England captain Tom Curran reacts to poor display

17:26 , Matt Verri

“We’ve got a lot of learnings. Young lads coming in and different combinations. We weren’t there for the full 80 minutes. It’s not down to work-rate or intent, it’s down to us being on it for the full 80.

“It’s on all of us but it’s a brilliant experience for the young players to get that Test match experience. The exciting thing about these matches is they are unbelievable for moments like that.

“We’ve got to be on it for the full 80 though. Moments when we were class but moments we weren’t. Test matches like that teach you a good standard.”

Start the party!

17:19 , Matt Verri

17:08 , Matt Verri

George Kruis with six points on his final professional appearance - the most he’s ever got in a match!

He is briefly interviewed after the match, before asking if he can leave to go and celebrate with the Baa Baas.

Can’t really say no to that!

 (Getty Images for Barbarians)
(Getty Images for Barbarians)

Sums it up!

17:00 , Matt Verri

FT: England 21-52 Barbarians

16:58 , Matt Verri

That was special from the Baa Baas.

They’ve run riot late on, but before that it was really an impressive Test match display.

England pulled apart by a side with 14 men - not what they needed at all as they prepare to go to Australia. Disastrous afternoon.

 (Getty Images for Barbarians)
(Getty Images for Barbarians)

TRY! England 21-52 Barbarians | Antoine Hastoy 79'

16:55 , Matt Verri

We’re going full Barbarians now!

Penaud charges forward, Smith brings him down. Niniashvili continues the progress, brought down but then somersaults back up.

Baa Baas have the numbers, Le Garrec inside to Hastoy and he can stroll over under the posts.

Kruis for a hat-trick of conversions.... he gets it! Nothing fancy this time.

16:53 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Fairly miserable afternoon for England as they get ready to fly to Australia. Wallabies will be enjoying this for sure.

Thought that this half would be tough for the Baa Baas, being a man down. Nothing of the sort.

TRY! England 21-45 Barbarians | Max Spring 75'

16:51 , Matt Verri


Macalou starts it on the right with a powerful run, he’s not going to be stopped.

Inside to Le Garrec, who produces another incredible kick and Spring is there to gather and roll over the line.

Kruis with the backheel conversion in front of the posts! Incredible!

16:46 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Barbarians kick to touch from deep in their own 22. No reason for them to mess around now.

They’ve had 14 men, haven’t do a huge amount of training together... this has been so impressive.

TRY! England 21-38 Barbarians | Louis Carbonel 67'

16:43 , Matt Verri


Yet another penalty advantage, Le Garrec with a superb kick lifted over the defence and Carbonel gathers to touch down.

Lovely, lovely try.

16:42 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Penalty for Barbarians in the England 22, kicked to touch. Lineout on the 5m line and here comes the driving maul.

Ball comes out as it’s moved towards touch, another penalty for Barbarians. They’re not sure what to do with this one... back to the corner they go.

16:38 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Bit more energy from England now, Nowell has had a real impact. Straight back into the Baa Baas 22.

Lost at the breakdown though - is Penaud going to try and run it from his own tryline? Considers it but then kicks up the pitch.

TRY! England 21-31 Barbarians | Marcus Smith 60’

16:36 , Matt Verri

Care goes to the blindside and May is away, brought down deep in the 22.

Worked back inside to Nowell, who is on off the bench. Barbarians defending right on their tryline, there has to be so much space out wide.

It comes to Smith and he can jog over to his right and dive over. Another really poor kick though.

16:33 , Matt Verri

58 mins: England with just over 20 minutes to turn this around.

They’ve been well below-par on the whole, against a team they should have the edge over when it comes to fitness. Especially with the Baa Baas down to 14.

TRY! England 16-31 Barbarians | Damian Penaud 55'

16:29 , Matt Verri

It’s very tight.... right arms was outstretched as he got tackled into touch. Grounding looks ok, just whether he had a boot touching the line.

TRY GIVEN! A different angle suggests he could just be in touch, but the TMO has told the referee to stick with his decision. Superb from Penaud.

Conversion missed again.

16:26 , Matt Verri

54 mins: Lawes on for England and he immediately has a scrum to get involved with.

Good one from Barbarians, they have the advantage inside the England 22. Takes about four players to bring down Macalou and his pink socks.

Penaud over in the corner? He thinks so! That would be a stunning finish.

16:24 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Barbarians about to make plenty of changes. An entire change of the front-row.

Le Garrec is on at scrum-half too, while Macalou is introduced into the back row.

TRY! England 16-26 Barbarians | Jonny May 51'

16:21 , Matt Verri

This half is going to be fun!

Smith starts the move, of course, before Care continues it as he gets absolutely smashed.

It’s then Smith who sends the pass out wide, May steps inside and goes over for a relatively simple finish in the end. At least by his standards.

Conversion is pulled well wide by Smith.

16:18 , Matt Verri

49 mins: Too much on the box kick from Care and Spring has space to run.

Steps away from a couple of tackles, tries to pop the pass out the back of the hand... knocked on. Very nearly brilliant.

TRY! England 11-26 Barbarians | Baptiste Couilloud 47'

16:16 , Matt Verri

Barbarians have a fourth try!

Tanga bursts through the middle, held up just before the line. Couilloud sees the chance and gets a try under the posts.

It’s Kruis to take the conversion... even he can’t miss from there!

16:13 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Barbarians with a chance to launch off the scrum deep in England territory - don’t make anything of it though.

Willis and Care on for England, Twickenham fans absolutely delighted to see them both.

16:10 , Matt Verri

42 mins: Schickerling has failed his HIA, after that Skelton hit, and Collier is back on the pitch.

Vakatawa off at the break for the Baa Baas due to injury.

Back underway!

16:09 , Matt Verri

Up and running again at Twickenham!

16:04 , Matt Verri

Has felt more like a traditional Test match than a Barbarians fixture for much of the half.

Baa Baas haven’t just been flinging the ball around and running out from their own tryline, while England have tried to take the points on offer when they’ve been available.

Chance is there for England to turn on the style now with the man advantage.

On the menu for the Baa Baas at half-time...

15:59 , Matt Verri

HT: England 11-19 Barbarians

15:55 , Matt Verri

And breathe!

Chaotic finish to the half at Twickenham.

England looked to have taken complete control of things when Cokanasiga’s try cut the deficit and Skelton was then shown a red card, but Penaud has got the Barbarians lead back up to eight points at the break.

Eddie Jones’ side should still feel confident of securing a relatively comfortable win as the Baa Baas tire.

TRY! England 11-19 Barbarians | Damian Penaud 38'

15:51 , Matt Verri


Shambles from England. Atkinson in his own 22, passes it straight to Penaud and he goes over in the corner. Can’t believe his luck.

Hastoy with a difficult conversion attempt out on the left... misses.


15:49 , Matt Verri

It gets worse for the Barbarians!

Skelton has made direct contact with Schickerling’s head, who didn’t have the ball as he knocked it forward.

Really, really poor and after a TMO check, that’s a red card. Barbarians down to 14.

TRY! England 11-14 Barbarians | Joe Cokanasiga 36'

15:47 , Matt Verri


Barbarians deep in England territory but Botia knocks it on and the home side can get up the pitch.

Smith draws two defenders, sets Freeman away and he’s got Cokanasiga up with him.

Plays it wide to the winger and he stretches out to get England’s first try of the match.

PENALTY! England 6-14 Barbarians | Marcus Smith 34'

15:44 , Matt Verri

Smith wants to go for the points, on the 22m line right in front of the posts.

Easy kick and he makes no mistakes, dispatched through the middle of the posts. England cut the deficit to eight.

15:43 , Matt Verri

34 mins: Botia with the tackle on Rodd, who doesn’t have the ball. Not going to get away with that.

Penalty England, but before that play has been stopped with Bourgarit down holding his shoulder.

15:40 , Matt Verri

33 mins: We haven’t seen much of the Barbarians flying forward but that was lovely from Penaud.

Skips away down the wing, plays the pass inside and England are stretched. Ball popped into... empty space. Nobody in a black and white shirt was there.

Baa Baas were a couple of passes away from a third try there.

15:38 , Matt Verri

31 mins: Referee has had a word with both sides about the scrums - not impressed at the number of resets that have been required.

Smith forced backwards to get the ball back control, then sends a stunning kick into the Barbarians 22 that bounces about a foot inside the touchline. Absolutely perfect.

15:35 , Matt Verri

29 mins: Early front-row change from England. Schickerling on to replace Collier.

Collier is straight on the bike pitchside, maybe expecting to be called into action again at some point this afternoon.

15:33 , Matt Verri

27 mins: Penalty England soon after the restart and Smith will go for the posts, just inside the Barbarians half.

He’s got the distance but not the direction. Comfortably wide.

TRY! England 3-14 Barbarians | Charles Ollivon 24'

15:30 , Matt Verri

Ollivon with the interception and he has a whole half of space to break into!

Got options left and run but he stumbles on by himself, Randall gets back and makes the tackle but the Barbarians captain bundles over the line and just about grounds it.

Great effort from Randall to almost get back. Simplest of conversions and it’s 14-3.

15:28 , Matt Verri

23 mins: Barbarians aren’t doing anything with the extra man, turned into a bit of a kicking battle.

Smith launches it high and it’s knocked on - another scrum. It’s so much fun that both front rows collapse and they get to do it all over again.

15:25 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Botia knock-on, scrum England.

They were much the better team for the opening 20 minutes but one poor decision has brought a halt to that.

England need to get Smith back controlling the match.

PENALTY TRY! England 3-7 Barbarians

15:22 , Matt Verri

A knock-on from Vakatawa, and it looked like he was in touch anyway when he grounded the ball. Not much going for it really.

Going back for an early incident, potential deliberate knock-on from May. Spring had tried to play it out the back of the hand to Penaud, but the ball flicked off May’s outstretched hand.

That’s going to be a yellow card for May - he’s into the sin bin and England are down to 14 men. And it’s a penalty try! Barbarians lead 7-3.

15:19 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Here come the Barbarians!

At last. So much better from them and England are scrambling deep in their 22.

Cross-field kick out wide, Vakatawa has plenty of space. Has he grounded it in the corner? TMO will have a look.

PENALTY! England 3-0 Barbarians | Marcus Smith 17'

15:17 , Matt Verri

Barbarians offside and that will be a penalty for England. This time they’re going for the points.

Should be easy enough for Smith and it is - we have the first points of the afternoon!

15:14 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Another scrum penalty for Barbarians, not the start Rodd would have wanted. More problems at the line-out though and England have the ball back.

Cokanasiga bursts through the tackles and he’s away, inside to Randall who has plenty with him... can’t find them. Brilliant defending on the cover.

15:11 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Niniashvili claims the high ball, Cokanasiga with the big hit and England then win a penalty at the breakdown. To touch they go.

Poor line-out on the 5m line though and the Barbarians can clear their lines. Not been much flair from them so much - not been much of anything!

15:09 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Penalty England, which Smith sends deep into the Barbarians 22.

Here comes the maul... Barbarians defend it well though as the ball comes up. Botia up well and Atkinson knocks it on under pressure.

Scrum for the Baa Baas in their own 22.

15:07 , Matt Verri

7 mins: WOW!

That’s absolutely stunning from Marcus Smith. Loses his footing, slips to the ground but as he does so he manages to still send a perfect kick out wide for Marchant. Ridiculously good.

Barbarians defence giving up a lot of space early on. Smith launches it up for Cokanasiga this time, too much on the kick.

15:05 , Matt Verri

5 mins: England getting quick ball and Smith is seeing plenty of it. He flings a lovely pass out wide for May.

Worked all the way to the opposite wing where Cokanasiga looks to find some space but the door is quickly slammed shut. Forced into touch.

15:03 , Matt Verri

3 mins: Hastoy on kicking duties... misses the penalty.

Regardless, it’s an early statement that the Barbarians are not just here to have fun!

15:03 , Matt Verri

2 mins: First scrum of the match, after Collier drops the ball.

It collapses within seconds and that’s a penalty for the Barbarians - strong start from their pack. Going for the posts! Met with boos.


15:00 , Matt Verri

We are underway at Twickenham!

14:57 , Matt Verri

Tributes paid to Phil Bennett ahead of kick-off, with the Barbarians forming the number 10 on the pitch. Crowd on their feet to applaud the legendary Welshman, who passed away a week ago.

14:55 , Matt Verri

Here we go then, players are out onto the pitch.

Perfect weather at Twickenham - the stage is set for some entertainment!

14:48 , Matt Verri

When England played the Barbarians in 2019, there was 94 points. A year earlier, 108 points.

No pressure boys. Shaun Edwards is on the Barbarians coaching team this week - not sure he’ll be keen to see a high-scoring encounter...

Final professional appearance for Kruis...

14:40 , Matt Verri

Eddie Jones’ pre-match thoughts

14:35 , Matt Verri

“Today’s an opportunity for a bunch of young players to play against a pretty strong French Barbarians team.

“It’s more about ourselves today, we want to play a certain way and to give the players a chance to show their strengths. It’s more about us than them.

“They might or might not throw the ball around, they might or might not kick the ball a lot. We just have to adapt on the pitch ourselves.”

Galthie looking forward to some French flair

14:28 , Matt Verri

“It is British Barbarians with a French accent, maybe some French flair,” Fabien Galthie says.

He’s in relaxed mood ahead of kick-off - should be a fun afternoon!

 (Getty Images for Barbarians)
(Getty Images for Barbarians)

Drama at Twickenham yesterday

14:21 , Matt Verri

Saracens and Leicester players not involved this afternoon, after the Premiership final yesterday.

A last-minute drop-goal from Freddie Burns, playing his first Premiership final at the age of 32, handed Leicester their first league title in nine years in an epically tense Twickenham affair.

This game was not the champagne rugby of last week’s semis. The weather was cooler and the wind up, and the rugby reflected that: it was cagey, at times ugly. Much of it was played in the middle two quarters in the field. The scoreline was just 15-12, and neither team was ever more that six in front.

Click here for Will Macpherson’s full report from Twickenham

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Warm Twickenham welcome...

14:12 , Matt Verri

Head-to-head record...

14:05 , Matt Verri

England have met the Barbarians on 18 previous occasions, winning 10 and losing eight with no draws.

England have won five of the last seven affairs, including the last match at Twickenham in 2019, when a vastly understrength team pulled off a shock 51-43 victory.

Stage is set!

13:56 , Matt Verri

Chick in for England!

13:48 , Matt Verri

Big opportunity for Callum Chick, who gets a start for England in a late change.

Alex Dombrandt has suffered a knee injury and will be assessed tomorrow - big news ahead of the Australia squad being announced.

What next for England?

13:37 , Matt Verri

The squad for England’s three-Test tour of Australia is announced on Monday - Jones has a brilliant record against his home nation but that will be tested this summer.

First Test - July 2, Perth

Second Test - July 9, Brisbane

Third Test - July 16, Sydney


13:28 , Matt Verri

Important afternoon for Eddie Jones and England.

It was another disappointing Six Nations campaign earlier this year - just two wins from their five matches.

Those came against Italy and Wales, and Jones faced further questions about his future after the tournament. Could do with a positive summer to get things back on track heading towards the World Cup next year.

Some interesting preparations...

13:20 , Matt Verri


13:09 , Matt Verri

These fixtures are notoriously hard to predict, with England understrength because of injuries and the players missing due to the Premiership final, and with Jones understandably wanting to take a look at uncapped and fringe contenders before naming his squad for Australia.

It’s a star-studded Barbarians offering as usual, but these invitational teams can often struggle to mesh their strengths together as a cohesive unit on the day.

England have generally had the better of this fixture over recent years, but they are missing a number of key players. So with that in mind, we’ll opt for a typically high-scoring affair with plenty of eye-catching tries that sees the tourists just come out on top.

Barbarians to win by five points.

Barbarians team news

12:59 , Matt Verri

The Barbarians, meanwhile, are captained by French skipper Charles Ollivon, who is joined by Les Bleus team-mates including Virimi Vakatawa, Damian Penaud, Dylan Cretin, Jean-Baptiste Gros, Baptiste Couilloud and Pierre Bourgarit. The Barbarians outfit are coached by French boss Fabien Galthie.

George Kruis plays for the final time as a professional against the country for whom he won 45 caps, lining up alongside Australian and ex-Saracens team-mate Will Skelton in the second row.

Barbarians XV: Spring; Penaud, Vakatawa, Botia, Niniashvili; Hastoy, Couilloud; Gros, Bourgarit, Gigashvili, Kruis, Skelton, Cretin, Ollivon (c), Tanga

Replacements: Priso, Tolofua, Falatea, Lavault, Le Garrec, Carbonel, Macalou, Vili

 (Getty Images for Barbarians)
(Getty Images for Barbarians)

England team news

12:49 , Matt Verri

Veteran scrum-half Danny Care was originally due to play for the Barbarians this afternoon, but is now set for his first England outing since 2018 after being handed a surprise recall by Jones and place on the bench.

There are first senior international appearances for Northampton full-back Tommy Freeman and Harlequins hooker Jack Walker, with fellow uncapped trio Will Goodrick-Clarke, Patrick Schickerling and Orlando Bailey all named among the replacements.

England are captained by Tom Curry and boosted by regulars such as Alex Dombrandt, Sam Underhill, Jonny May, Joe Marchant, Jonny Hill and Charlie Ewels, with star fly-half Marcus Smith partnered by Harry Randall.

London Irish duo Henry Arundell and Will Joseph are not in the squad, with the former suffering from a muscle strain. Bath wing Joe Cokanasiga is back in an England shirt, while there is a big chance for Gloucester’s Mark Atkinson in the middle.

England XV: Freeman; Cokanasiga, Marchant, Atkinson, May; Smith, Randall; Rodd, Walker, Collier, Ewels, Hill, Curry (c), Underhill, Dombrandt.

Replacements: Singleton, Goodrick-Clarke, Schickerling, Lawes, Willis, Care, Bailey, Nowell.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch England vs Barbarians

12:42 , Matt Verri

TV channel and live stream: England vs Barbarians is being broadcast live via Amazon Prime Video, with coverage beginning at 2pm.

Live blog: You can also follow all the action as it happens right here with us!

Good afternoon!

12:32 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of England vs the Barbarians!

It’s England’s last match before their summer tour of Australia - now is the time for the players to impress Eddie Jones.

We’ll have all the latest updates and build-up ahead of kick-off, which comes at 3pm BST from Twickenham.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
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