England vs Ireland LIVE: Test cricket score and updates as England trail by 20 runs at stumps

England vs Ireland LIVE: Test cricket score and updates as England trail by 20 runs at stumps

England kicked off the summer a superb performance on the opening day of their four-day test match against Ireland. With the clouds hanging overhead in this morning Ben Stokes won the toss and elected to bowl.

In the absence of James Anderson, Stuart Broad led the attack and gave England the early initiative reducing the visitors to 19-3. James McCollum (36) dug in but couldn’t stop the host from running rampant. Jack Leach was backed once again by his captain and was rewarded with three wickets while Matt Potts chipped in with a couple but it was Broad’s day. He took 5-51 to get on the Lord’s honours board as Ireland were dismissed for just 172.

In response England’s opening pair made hay in the early evening sunshine. Zak Crawley rode his luck on his way to 56 before chipping a drive back to Fionn Hand who claimed his maiden test wicket for Ireland. Ben Duckett (60*) and Ollie Pope (29*) saw England safely through to the end of the day with the deficit just 20 runs.

Relive the action from Day One at Lord’s as England take on Ireland:

England vs Ireland

  • Report: Stuart Broad fires down Ashes warning as England dominate with bat and ball at Lord’s

  • Stumps: England 152-1, trailing by 20 runs

  • 150 up! Pope continues where Crawley left off and helps the hosts to 150, England 151-1

  • Wicket! Hand draws Crawley into the drive and clings onto the return catch, England 109-1

  • 50 for Crawley! A beautiful cover drive brings Crawley his half century

  • 100 up! Duckett and Crawley bring up England’s 100, England 100-0

  • 50! Ben Duckett goes to a half century with a cut for two

  • 50 up! Duckett and Crawley record a fifty partnership in rapid time, England 53-0

  • End of innings: Ireland dismissed for 172 as Stuart Broad takes 5-51

Stuart Broad fires down Ashes warning as England dominate with bat and ball at Lord’s

18:47 , Mike Jones

For all the talk of England’s new young bowling attack, it was the experienced hand of Stuart Broad who provided the magic touch on the first day of the international summer against Ireland at Lord’s.

Broad took five for 51 to put his name on the honours board for the third time at the home of cricket, and the first since 2013, in England’s only Test before the highly anticipated Ashes.

Leading the attack for England, Broad ran through Ireland’s top order, as they were rapidly reduced to 19 for three at the start of the day. The tourists eventually rebounded to make 172, with England finishing the day on 152 for one in reply.

Whenever Broad stands at the top of his mark, in this case the pavilion end on a cold overcast morning at the start of the day’s play, there is always a sense that something could happen. While James Anderson has been undoubtedly the more consistent, Broad can produce moments of magic.

Broad fires down Ashes warning as England dominate with bat and ball at Lord’s

Stumps: England 152-1, trailing by 20 runs

18:43 , Mike Jones

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)
 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Stumps: England 152-1, Pope 29, Duckett 60, Campher 0-17 (3) trail by 20

18:33 , Mike Jones

Campher draws the edge out of Ollie Pope’s bat and the ball flies into the slip cordon. It drops short of Paul Stirling though and England’s No. 3 survives.

Pope sees out the rest of the over and the umpires call time on the first day of this test match.

England have notched up 152 runs for the loss of one wicket and trail by just 20.

England 151-1, Pope 29, Duckett 60, Campher 0-16 (2.2) trail by 21

18:30 , Mike Jones

150 up for England! Ollie Pope guides the ball down to third man and races back for two runs to bring up the 150 for England in just 24.2 overs.

England 149-1, Pope 27, Duckett 60, Hume 0-27 (8) trail by 23

18:28 , Mike Jones

More runs but nothing extravagant from England. Pope and Duckett milk Hume away to cut the lead to 23 and leave England on the verge of 150.

There’ll be one more over before the end of the day’s play. Curtis Campher will bowl it.

England 145-1, Pope 26, Duckett 57, Campher 0-14 (2) trail by 27

18:24 , Mike Jones

Ben Duckett works Curtis Campher away for three. Campher then pins Pope to the crease and strikes him on the thigh pad.

There’s a quick debate about whether to send the appeal upstairs after the umpire says not out but it’s quickly shut down with everyone agreeing that the ball struck Pope too high.

Pope collects a couple to keep the runs ticking over.

England 140-1, Pope 24, Duckett 54, Hume, 0-25 (7) trail by 32

18:21 , Mike Jones

England have been batting for 22 overs now and are rapidly closing in on Ireland’s first innings total. It’s been an almost perfect day for Ben Stokes’ team who won the toss, skittled Ireland for less than 200 and are now racking up the runs.

Sonia Twigg at Lord's

18:16 , Sonia Twigg

Test cricket is often criticised as boring, but it is not the word that comes to mind when England have been batting over the last 12 months.

They have truly torn into this inexperienced Ireland bowling attack with complete dominance and fluidity.

While Crawley escaped some scares before he departed tamely, Ollie Pope and Duckett have offered Ireland nothing, but seem to have found every gap in the field.

The notion that England could finish this day level looked improbable given that they only started batting at 4.40pm, but with 10 overs left to get 33 runs it looks like they will finish the day far ahead of Ireland’s 172.

England 139-1, Pope 24, Duckett 53, Campher 0-9 (1) trail by 33

18:16 , Mike Jones

Curtis Campher is introduced by Andy Balbirnie. He bowls gentle outswingers in the low 80mph.

Ben Duckett tucks him into the legside for one before Ollie Pope spanks a full delivery over to the cover boundary.

Campher grimaces as his final delivery is a full toss out wide. Pope says thank you and whacks this one to the ropes too. The hosts are flying and trail by just 33.

England 130-1, Pope 16, Duckett 52, Adair 0-59 (7) trail by 42

18:11 , Mike Jones

Ben Duckett’s early onslaught seems like a thing of the past as he decides to tick over the strike. Ollie Pope takes Mark Adair for four runs with a guided shot down to third man.

Pope ends the over with a controlled pull to square for four more. England’s No. 3 looks in good touch.

Ireland’s lead is under 50 now with England having nine wickets in hand.

England 117-1, Pope 8, Duckett 51, Hand 1-42 (7) trail by 55

18:06 , Mike Jones

Ollie Pope shuffles across to the offside before flicking Fionn Hand into midwicket for two. It’s good running from the English batters as Pope turns the ball squarer to pick up another couple.

Ireland just can’t get a lid on the scoring. That’s not just their issue, India, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan have all struggled to reign England in when they’ve got going.

Pope’s first boundary comes with a drive through cover. He leans into the shot and picks out the gap.

England 109-1, Pope 0, Duckett 51, Adair 0-50 (6), trail by 63

18:02 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair responds to that wicket with his best over yet. He’s been expensive this evening but sends a maiden down to Ben Duckett as Ireland look to bring the run rate down.

England 109-1, Pope 0, Duckett 51, Hand 1-34 (6), trail by 63

17:59 , Mike Jones

England’s newly minted test match vice-captain comes in at No. 3 as Ollie Pope strides to the crease.

There’s an opportunity for Ireland to sneak in a couple more wickets and if they can get Ben Duckett out now it’ll increase the pressure on England.

Wicket! Crawley c & b Hand 56 (45), England 109-1 (16.3)

17:56 , Mike Jones

Zak Crawley has to go! Fionn Hand gets his first wicket in test match cricket by juggling and clinging on to Crawley’s aerial drive.

It’s a brilliant catch and Crawley will feel gutted to let slip a chance of scoring big runs.

England 109-0, Crawley 56, Duckett 51, Adair 0-50 (5), trail by 63

17:53 , Mike Jones

Another fine drive from Crawley fizzes wide of mid-off this time and earns him four more runs, he ends the over with a single to keep the strike.

England 104-0, Crawley 51, Duckett 51, Adair 0-45 (4.3), trail by 68

17:51 , Mike Jones

50 for Zak Crawley! Three landmarks in three balls and this is the best of the lot. Mark Adair hangs the ball out wide and Crawley smokes it through the gap at cover for a glorious boundary.

England 100-0, Crawley 47, Duckett 51, Adair 0-41 (4.2), trail by 72

17:50 , Mike Jones

100 partnership for England! The two openers have attacked without being too aggressive. Ben Duckett calls Zak Crawley through for one and the three figures are reached in 15.2 overs.

England 99-0, Crawley 47, Duckett 50, Adair 0-40 (4.1), trail by 73

17:49 , Mike Jones

50 for Ben Duckett! He cuts Mark Adair away to the point boundary are scrambles back for the second to reach a well worked half-century.

Sonia Twigg from Lord's

17:48 , Sonia Twigg

England have come out firing, which was what everyone expected but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to watch.

With all the eyes on him, Zak Crawley hit his second ball for four, but it was as he edged towards a half century, that he really was living on the edge.

Three times in two overs, the tall Kent opener was handed a stroke of luck when his inside edged streaked away for a boundary rather than crashing into the stumps.

While Ben Duckett at the other end played a well-measured and rapid innings, to bring up his half century off just 53 deliveries.

England 97-0, Crawley 47, Duckett 48, Hand 0-34 (5), trail by 75

17:47 , Mike Jones

Duckett drives wonderfully down the ground as Hand overpitches. The shot is slightly aerial but there’s no fielders back past the bowler and Duckett notches up four more.

Oh my. Zak Crawley is really riding his luck. Duckett gets off strike with a quick single before Crawley tries to lift the ball over midwicket.

Another inside edge flies past his stumps and brings him a boundary.

England 88-0, Crawley 43, Duckett 43, Adair 0-38 (3), trail by 84

17:42 , Mike Jones

Zak Crawley launches at a short, wide ball but only gets an inside edge. He’s lucky it doesn’t collide with the stumps as the ball races away for four.

Adair looks to correct his line but strays too straight and Crawley turns him back to fine leg for four more.

A groundhog day moment then occurs for the bowler as he draws Crawley into another loose shot but this inside edge results in a third boundary!

14 runs come from the over.

England 74-0, Crawley 29, Duckett 43, Adair 0-24 (3), trail by 98

17:39 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair’s first spell wasn’t great. He found the challenge of bowling to the right-handed Zak Crawley and left-handed Ben Duckett a little tricky.

He’s brought back on and will need to back-up Graham Hume’s tight lines.

England 74-0, Crawley 29, Duckett 43, Hand 0-25 (4), trail by 98

17:37 , Mike Jones

England’s deficit dips under 100 as Ben Duckett works Fionn Hand away for a couple of twos. He takes four from the over and closes in on a half century.

England 70-0, Crawley 29, Duckett 39, Hume 0-24 (6), trail by 102

17:31 , Mike Jones

Graham Hume has found his rhythm and with a more protective field, he’s managing to slow England’s run rate down. Just one run comes from his sixth over.

England are comfortable though. There’s not a great deal of threat from the Irish bowlers.

England 69-0, Crawley 29, Duckett 38, Hand 0-21 (3), trail by 103

17:26 , Mike Jones

A false shot from Crawley sees him fizz an inside edge past his own stumps for one. Fionn Hand was excited for a moment as he drew Crawley into the drive.

A leg stump half-volley from Hand is flicked away by Duckett who continues on his merry way. There are fielders out on the legside boundary now so he only collects a couple.

England 65-0, Crawley 28, Duckett 35, Hume 0-23 (5), trail by 107

17:23 , Mike Jones

Duckett has got on top of anything that has strayed onto his legs. He’s punching everything away through midwicket and seemingly earns at least two every time.

Andrew Balbirnie now plugs that gap with a fielder and Graham Hume records the first over of England’s innings that didn’t yield a boundary.

England 63-0, Crawley 28, Duckett 33, Hand 0-17 (2), trail by 109

17:18 , Mike Jones

Oh that is superb from Zak Crawley.

Hand sends down a floaty half-volley that Crawley nails between the cover and mid-off fielders in what is the best shot of England’s innings.

Crawley doesn’t stop there and plays a late punch off the back foot to record consecutive boundaries.

England 55-0, Crawley 20, Duckett 33, Hume 0-21 (4), trail by 117

17:14 , Mike Jones

There’s still around an hour of play left to go today. If England continue at this pace, they’ll almost catch up to Ireland’s first innings total before the end of play.

England 53-0, Crawley 20, Duckett 32, Hume 0-20 (3.2), trail by 119

17:12 , Mike Jones

50 up for England! It’s taken Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley just 7.2 overs to get to fifty as Duckett latches onto another loose ball outside off stump.

He slices a square cut away for four more.

England 49-0, Crawley 20, Duckett 28, Hand 0-9 (1), trail by 123

17:09 , Mike Jones

Ireland need to gain a bit of control back. Mark Adair is hooked off and replaced with Fionn Hand.

Hand angles his first ball across Duckett and almost finds the edge as Duckett hangs out his bat and misses it. The next ball is too short which allows Duckett to rock back and cut Hand through point for four.

There are more runs for Duckett as Hand overcompensates and sends one down leg. Duckett swivels and guides the ball away to the fine leg boundary.

Nine runs come from the over.

England 40-0, Crawley 20, Duckett 19, Hume 0-16 (3), trail by 132

17:05 , Mike Jones

Duckett works his bottom hand over a flick to leg and scampers through for three runs.

Hume, now accustomed to bowling at the left-hander, strays down leg to Crawley who whips him beautifully behind square leg for a boundary.

England 33-0, Crawley 16, Duckett 16, Adair 0-24 (3), trail by 139

17:01 , Mike Jones

Crawley milks Adair away for a couple of twos either side of getting struck on the thigh pad. The Kent opener will be determined to go big in this innings.

He needs a score to quiet the noise ahead of the Ashes.

Crawley flicks a short one off his hip for his third two of the over before an outside edge flies wide of the slips and brings him four more.

England 23-0, Crawley 6, Duckett 16, Hume 0-9 (2), trail by 149

16:56 , Mike Jones

Crawley is content to give Duckett the strike and blocks the ball into the legside for a single. Hume then hits the opener on the pads and there’s a half-hearted appeal from Ireland.

The ball pitched outside leg though so the appeal doesn’t have much going for it.

To make matters worse Hume strays wide outside off and Duckett latches on to a gorgeous cover drive and collects another boundary.

England 18-0, Crawley 5, Duckett 12, Adair 0-14 (2), trail by 154

16:52 , Mike Jones

Zak Crawley eases the ball away for one to bring Ben Duckett on strike against Mark Adair.

Adair doesn’t have the pace to challenge Duckett with a short ball and the left-handed opener jabs him through midwicket for four runs!

He does it again with the very next ball and things are already looking ominous for Ireland. If Duckett gets into his stride, their lead will evaporate quickly.

England 8-0, Crawley 4, Duckett 4, Hume 0-4 (1), trail by 164

16:47 , Mike Jones

Ben Duckett came back into the England team over the winter and formed a decent partnership with Zak Crawley. He was impressive in Pakistan were England won 3-0 and scored at a decent rate against New Zealand too.

Duckett is away as well. He takes Graham Hume’s first over for four as England get off to a confident start.

England 4-0, Crawley 4, Duckett 0, Adair 0-4 (1), trail by 168

16:42 , Mike Jones

Crawley is away on the second ball. He slaps a backfoot stroke through the offside and records England’s first boundary of the innings.

Adair pushes the ball slightly fuller and tries to force the tall batter onto the front foot.

Start of innings: England 0-0, Crawley 0, Duckett 0, Adair 0-0 (0.1), trail by 172

16:40 , Mike Jones

Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley make their way out to the middle to a smattering round of applause from the onlooking crowd. This could be a big innings for Crawley who is under a bit of pressure to hold onto his place at the top of the order.

Mark Adair opens the bowling for Ireland and finds a hint of swing straight away.

Sonia Twigg at Lord's

16:39 , Sonia Twigg

One final flourish from Potts and that’s that for the Ireland innings, 172 all out.

While it might not quite live up to England’s ‘Bazball’ style, it was entertaining after a shaky start.

Curtis Campher almost deserved a half-century for his rearguard action, which helped see Ireland away from a truly disappointing first innings total, which looked possible with the tourists 19 for three early doors.

There will be a moment of disappointment for Josh Tongue, who was unable to take his maiden Test wicket, with his 13 overs having gone for 40, although he did hit speeds of up to 90mph.

End of innings: Ireland 172 all out

16:36 , Mike Jones

England’s bowling figures:

Stuart Broad: 17-5-51-5

Matt Potts: 12.2-4-36-2

Josh Tongue: 13-4-40-0

Jack Leach: 14-2-35-3

End of innings: Ireland 172 all out

16:34 , Mike Jones

England’s bowling attack was on fire as Ireland were dismissed early in the evening session. Matt Potts, Jack Leach and Stuart Broad shared the wickets between them.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

End of innings: Ireland 172 all out

16:30 , Mike Jones

The tone was set early on by Stuart Broad who reduced Ireland to 19-3. Despite the visitors attempting to dig in and set a decent score England continued to chip away and claimed all 10 wickets inside 57 overs.

It’s now over to the batters to get England ahead of the game.

Wicket! Hand ct. Bairstow b. Potts 1 (7), Ireland 172 all out

16:28 , Mike Jones

That’s the end of the innings. Matt Potts finds the inside edge of Fionn Hand’s bat and leaves Jonny Bairstow with a sharp catch low to his left.

The wicketkeeper clings on and Ireland’s resistance is over.

Ireland 172-9, Hume 0, Hand 1, Leach 3-35 (14)

16:27 , Mike Jones

On a day not really beneficial to spin bowling Jack Leach will be overjoyed with his day’s work. He’s got three wickets for just 35 runs and has controlled his end well.

The left-arm spinner continues to thrive under the leadership of Ben Stokes.

Wicket! Campher b. Leach 33 (79), Ireland 172-9 (55.3)

16:25 , Mike Jones

Ben Stokes just wanted Jack Leach to switch ends it seems.

Leach replaces Broad and lines up Curtis Campher. With Ireland quickly running out of wickets Campher looks to increase the scoring rate.

He dance down the wicket to Leach, misses a straight one and gets cleaned up!

Ireland 172-8, Campher 33, Hand 1, Potts 1-36 (12)

16:21 , Mike Jones

Ben Stokes also sense that the opportunity is there to clean up the tail. He takes off Jack Leach and brings Matt Potts back into the attack.

Fionn Hand, Ireland’s No. 10, gets off the mark with a single as Potts’ first over back goes for three.

Ireland 169-8, Campher 32, Hand 0, Broad 5-51 (17)

16:18 , Mike Jones

Another five wicket haul for Stuart Broad will see his name etched on the Lord’s honours board for a fifth time. England will sense blood now and will want to nip the tail out as quickly as possible.

Wicket! Adair b. Broad 14 (32), Ireland 169-8 (53.5)

16:16 , Mike Jones

That is comprehensive!

Stuart Broad floats the ball further up the pitch and lights up the eyes of Mark Adair. He stride forward for a booming drive but misses the ball and hears the dreaded rattle as the stumps go flying.

Broad claims his 5-for too. What a day he’s having.

Ireland 169-7, Campher 32, Adair 14, Broad 4-51 (16.3)

16:13 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair is notching up a few handy runs for Ireland. He guides a short ball from Stuart Broad into the gap and runs the ball down to third man for four.

Ireland 165-7, Campher 32, Adair 10, Leach 2-35 (13)

16:10 , Mike Jones

Jack Leach is excited after clipping Curtis Campher on the pads. England appeal for LBW but the umpire shakes his head and Ben Stokes elects against a review.

Leach signals that the ball was probably sliding down the legside.

Ireland 164-7, Campher 32, Adair 9, Broad 4-47 (16)

16:06 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair takes a single off Broad who then oversteps the mark with a no ball. There’s just two runs coming from this over as Jack Leach prepares to come on from the opposite end.

Evening session: Ireland 162-7, Campher 32, Adair 8, Broad 4-45 (15)

16:04 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad gets the final session of the day underway. England will be hoping to skittle through the final three Irish wickets and get themselves in to bat sooner rather than later.

A couple of minor storylines to keep an eye on are Broad targeting five wickets, Josh Tongue wanting a wicket on debut and Curtis Campher closing in on a half century.

Tea: Ireland 162-7

15:56 , Mike Jones

This has been a good fightback from Ireland who were 19-3 at one stage this morning. With only 38 runs needed before they cross the 200 mark, they could potentially set England a decent first innings total to chase down.

Anything over that would be a bonus and give them a real chance to get after England’s shaky top order.

Tea: Ireland 162-7

15:47 , Mike Jones

Matt Potts got himself in the wicket column during the afternoon session but Ireland continue to be stubborn as they notch up a first innings lead.

Curtis Campher, in at seven, has 32 and looks strong.


Sonia Twigg from Lord's

15:42 , Sonia Twigg

It’s been Stuart Broad’s day at the home of cricket, which was bathed in sunshine for much of the afternoon session, for what always feels like the real first day of summer.

After a disappointing morning with the bat for Ireland, they opened their shoulders in the afternoon and looked to get on top of the England bowling attack, which apart from Broad, mostly lacked a killer blow.

Number eight Andy McBrine’s short-lived innings was attacking and entertaining as he made 19 from just 23 deliveries, before Matthew Potts claimed his first wicket of the day.

But Ireland showed their resistance, against a side who play almost more Test matches than any other nation, and reached the tea interval 162 for seven.

Ireland 162-7, Campher 32, Adair 8, Tongue 0-40 (13)

15:41 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair sees out Josh Tongue’s final over before tea and the teams head into the break.

Ireland 162-7, Campher 32, Adair 8, Broad 4-45 (15)

15:37 , Mike Jones

Just the single coming for Curtis Campher who works Broad into the legside. Mark Adair then has a dart at a full half-volley and edges the ball away for four to end the over.

Ireland 157-7, Campher 31, Adair 4, Tongue 0-40 (12)

15:33 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair gets off the mark! He’s been made to wait a while but dinks Josh Tongue into a gap and scrambles through for two runs.

A short, wide delivery ends the over and Adair cuts Tongue away for two more. He’s flying now! Four runs come from the over.

Ireland 153-7, Campher 31, Adair 0, Broad 4-40 (14)

15:30 , Mike Jones

Broad ends his over with just the four runs coming from it. He’ll probably get two more overs in before the tea break. Josh Tongue will continue.

Ireland 153-7, Campher 31, Adair 0, Broad 4-40 (13.4)

15:28 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad is back!

He’ll get a short spell before the end of the afternoon session and can steam in. Immediately he finds Campher’s outside edge but the ball bounces short of Zak Crawley at second slip.

150 up for Ireland! Broad strays down leg and Campher guides the ball away to fine leg for four!

Ireland 149-7, Campher 27, Adair 0, Tongue 0-36 (11)

15:25 , Mike Jones

Ben Stokes obviously disagrees but this short ball ploy from Josh Tongue doesn’t seem to be working. Curtis Campher seems to be in control when he swivels the ball away and Tongue isn’t getting enough time at Mark Adair to set him up.

Campher collects a single from the over.

Ireland 148-7, Campher 26, Adair 0, Potts 1-34 (11)

15:21 , Mike Jones

Potts sends a maiden down at Mark Adair. There’s still a bit of swing for the seamer who has gone back to plan A looking to encourage a drive through the gap at cover.

Ireland 148-7, Campher 26, Adair 0, Tongue 0-35 (10)

15:16 , Mike Jones

One of cricket’s peculiarities is how annoying it feels to be the only bowler in an attack not to take a wicket. The debutant, Josh Tongue, is in that position right now and will feel as though he’s bowled well enough to get one.

A short ball from around the wicket catches Curtis Campher on the gloves as he looks for the pull shot. The ball loops over Jonny Bairstow and runs away for four runs.

Campher rolls his wrists over another short ball and collects two.

Ireland 142-7, Campher 20, Adair 0, Potts 1-34 (10)

15:11 , Mike Jones

Mark Adair is the new batter for Ireland, coming in at No. 9. Ireland need at least one more decent partnership to get to a total they can play with.

Campher could be the key in taking them up past 200. Matt Potts has his first wicket of the day.

Wicket! McBrine ct. Bairstow b. Potts 19 (23), Ireland 142-7 (43.3)

15:09 , Mike Jones

This one is out though! Potts gets the ball to shape away from McBrine and there’s a fine edge through to Jonny Bairstow who clings onto the catch.

Ireland 142-6, Campher 20, McBrine 19, Potts 0-34 (9.2)

15:07 , Mike Jones

Review! Matt Potts comes around the wicket to bowl at Andy McBrine. He angles the ball into the left-hander and strikes him on the top of his pads.

England appeal but the bowler thinks it’s too high. Ben Stokes decides to take a look and reviews the decision which results in ball tracking showing the ball clipping the bails.

England keep their review but McBrine survives.

Ireland 142-6, Campher 20, McBrine 19, Tongue 0-29 (9)

15:04 , Mike Jones

Slashed hard and slashed for four! Josh Tongue pitches one pitch but gives Curtis Campher plenty of room to go after it. He gets a thick outside edge but the ball flies over the slip cordon and runs up the hill for four!

This is a handy partnership for Ireland. They’re building nicely as the sun shines this afternoon.

Ireland 138-6, Campher 16, McBrine 19, Potts 0-34 (9)

15:00 , Mike Jones

England seem to be going to plan B which is to dig the ball in short in an attempt to trouble the batters. McBrine gets a hook shot into the gap and comes back for a couple of runs.

Another short ball, this one slightly slower, sits up for McBrine and he smokes it away to the square leg boundary for four runs!

Ireland 132-6, Campher 16, McBrine 13, Tongue 0-25 (7.5)

14:55 , Mike Jones

Good shot! Curtis Campher goes after Josh Tongue and swivels nicely into a pull to guide the ball over to the deep midwicket boundary.

Tongue responds with another bouncer that strikes Campher on the helmet as he ducks. The ball flies down to fine leg and the batters sprint through for two more runs.

Campher is fine but the procedures dictate that he undergoes a concussion test before continuing.

Ireland 125-6, Campher 12, McBrine 12, Potts 0-27 (8)

14:50 , Mike Jones

Matt Potts replaces Jack Leach and immediately finds the edge of Andy McBrine’s bat. The Irishman leans back for an attempted cut and scoots the ball wide of gully where it runs away for four.

These are good runs for Ireland, the closer they can get to 200 the more of a stake they’ll have in the game.

Ireland 120-6, Campher 12, McBrine 7, Tongue 0-20 (7)

14:42 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad’s first spell this afternoon is over and done with as Ben Stokes throws the ball to Josh Tongue. With the middle to lower order now in for Ireland this is a good time for him to bowl.

Campher punches a short ball through the offside for a couple before swiping and missing at an expansive drive.

Ireland 118-6, Campher 10, McBrine 7, Leach 2-34 (12)

14:39 , Mike Jones

Andy McBrine is worried about the rough outside his off stump. Leach has got a couple to grip and turn back into the left-hander. McBrine does well to get over the bounce and drill a decent stroke through cover for four.

Dropped! McBrine goes to drive once again and gets a flying edge to slip. The ball hits Joe Root before he knows it and the former England captain spills the chance.

Ireland 114-6, Campher 10, McBrine 3, Broad 4-36 (13)

14:36 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad is now bowling with an aggressive field as he searches for a five-for. There are four slips and a leg slip as Broad bounces in to bowl to Curtis Campher.

After five decent balls around off stump, Broad pitches one up and Campher launches into a gorgeous cover drive that fizzes away to the cover boundary.

Ireland 110-6, Campher 6, McBrine 3, Leach 2-30 (11)

14:32 , Mike Jones

Andy McBrine is the new batter for Ireland and poses a different test for England due to being left-handed. He plays at Leach’s wide delivery but misses the ball which darts through Bairstow’s legs and runs a way for a bye.

After Campher rotates the strike McBrine gets off the mark with a three down to third man. Six runs and a wicket come from the over.

Wicket! Tucker LBW Leach 18 (33), Ireland 104-6 (35.1)

14:27 , Mike Jones

Jack Leach has another! Lorcan Tucker attempts to get the scoreboard moving in the right direction and drops low to sweep Leach away to the legside.

He misses the ball and gets struck on the pad. The umpire takes his time before raising the finger to dismiss him.

Tucker reviews for Ireland and has to depart as ball tracking shows the ball clipping the top of the stumps.

Ireland 104-5, Campher 4, Tucker 18, Broad 4-32 (11)

14:25 , Mike Jones

Review! Stuart Broad is very interested in an LBW appeal that traps Curtis Campher on the front pad. The ball swunp sharply into the batter and may have gone too far.

Ben Stokes sends it upstairs after the umpire says not out and ball tracking confirms the decision that it was missing leg.

England lose their second review.

Ireland 104-5, Campher 4, Tucker 18, Leach 1-25 (10)

14:20 , Mike Jones

Jack Leach sends down an entertaining maiden. Lorcan Tucker tries to spank him away but doesn’t catch any of his aggressive shots cleanly.

Leach also rattles him on the pads and England appeal for LBW but get turned down. It’s been a fine spell from the frontline spinner.

Ireland 104-5, Campher 4, Tucker 18, Broad 4-32 (11)

14:16 , Mike Jones

Edged! Curtis Campher is squared up as the ball is angled into his pads before nipping away. It catches the edge and splits the gap between Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root before flying down to third man for four runs!

Ireland 100-5, Campher 0, Tucker 18, Broad 4-28 (10.3)

14:14 , Mike Jones

100 up for Ireland! Lorcan Tucker likes to shuffle down the wicket. He is trying to take the game to Stuart Broad but loses his shape as he tries to go over the top.

The next stroke is better. He rolls back and smokes a pull shot to Ollie Pope on the deep square leg boundary to bring up Ireland’s 100.

Ireland 99-5, Campher 0, Tucker 17, Leach 1-25 (9)

14:12 , Mike Jones

Jack Leach continues and Lorcan Tucker tucks him away from one. Ireland have a decision to make. They’ve been trying to hang around and build a total but have lost half of their wickets before reaching 100.

If they take a leaf out of the Bazball textbook and look to attack, particularly against Leach who would be easier to get away, they may just double their score in a hurry.

For now though, Curtis Campher is content to play himself in as Tucker slowly accummulates.

Ireland 98-5, Campher 0, Tucker 16, Broad 4-27 (10)

14:09 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad has four wickets now and will be eyeing up a place on the Lord’s honours board. Ireland slump further into trouble and should really think about counter-attacking.

Wicket! McCollum ct. Root b. Broad 36 (108) - Ireland 98-5 (30.4)

14:06 , Mike Jones

Got him! James McCollum has to depart. After trying a couple of inswinging deliveries Stuart Broad reverts to an outswinger and gets enough movement on the delivery to clip the outside edge of McCollum’s bat.

The ball shoots into the slips where Joe Root clings on to a simple catch.

Ireland 98-4, McCollum 36, Tucker 16, Broad 3-27 (9.3)

14:04 , Mike Jones

Oh that one swung.

Stuart Broad gets the ball to dart back into James McCollum and it moves late through the air before pinning the batter on the thigh pad.

Broad’s next delivery is shorter and flies off McCollum’s thigh pad for four runs.

Ireland 94-4, McCollum 36, Tucker 16, Leach 1-24 (8)

14:01 , Mike Jones

James McCollum drops to one knee and scoops Jack Leach past Jonny Bairstow behind the stumps. The ball flies fine down the field and runs away to the boundary for four.

The Irish opener is already showing more signs of intent this afternoon. A thick inside edge brings him one more and an excited Bairstow can be heard on the stump mic encouraging Leach to be patient.

Ireland 89-4, McCollum 31, Tucker 16, Broad 3-27 (9)

13:57 , Mike Jones

Tucker skips down the pitch but Broad sees him coming and bangs in a short ball. Tucker swivels on his front foot and looks to pull Broad away but only gloves it into the turf.

He sits back for the next delivery expecting another short ball and it comes. Tucker pulls it over the infield and collects four with a boundary to deep midwicket.

The boundary and a leg bye come from the over as Ireland edge closer to three figures.

Ireland 84-4, McCollum 31, Tucker 12, Leach 1-19 (7)

13:53 , Mike Jones

Four runs from the over. Leach hasn’t found much turn off the pitch but he’s been accurate and has varied up his lengths to keep the batters guessing.

Ireland 83-4, McCollum 30, Tucker 12, Leach 1-18 (6.3)

13:52 , Mike Jones

It’s not Matt Potts but Jack Leack. Ben Stokes is calling on both of England’s wicket takers to attack while the batters are still getting back into their stride.

Lorcan Tucker paddles Leach down to fine leg for a couple before rocking onto the back foot and cutting the ball away for one.

Ireland 80-4, McCollum 30, Tucker 9, Broad 3-23 (8)

13:50 , Mike Jones

Lorcan Tucker tucks one off his hip into the legside to ease himself back into his innings. Ireland take a couple of runs from Broad’s first over after lunch.

Who will open up at the other end? Matt Potts is the most likely.

Afternoon session: Ireland 78-4, McCollum 29, Tucker 8, Broad 3-21 (7.1)

13:46 , Mike Jones

There’s no surprises that Stuart Broad is bowling the first over after lunch. James McCollum is on strike and will want to reset after the break in play.

Broad is right on the mark and McCollum strides forward to smother the ball with a block.

Lunch: Ireland 78-4

13:42 , Mike Jones

What will the afternoon session bring? Can Ireland recover from the loss of four wickets to post a competitive first innings total?

Will England blitz through the rest of the batting line-up and skittle Ireland cheaply?

The sun is out which should make batting slightly easier. James McCollum and Lorcan Tucker will resume for the visitors.

Lunch: Ireland 78-4

13:33 , Mike Jones

Josh Tongue wasn’t made to wait long before getting his first bowl on his test match debut. He started strongly with a couple of maidens and will be hoping to get his first wicket in the afternoon session.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Lunch: England bowling figures

13:27 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad: 7-3-21-3

Matt Potts: 7-2-23-0

Josh Tongue: 6-3-18-0

Jack Leach: 6-0-15-1

Lunch: Ireland 78-4

13:21 , Mike Jones

Jack Leach also go involved in the wicket taking action and dismissed the dangerous Paul Stirling who looked to sweep the spinner away and gloved one behind to Jonny Bairstow.

Leach has 1-15 from his six overs.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Lunch: Ireland 78-4

13:15 , Mike Jones

Stuart Broad was in fantastic form this morning. He ripped through the Ireland top order and claimed 3-21 from his seven overs.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Sonia Twigg reporting from Lord’s

13:03 , Sonia Twigg

Well, the international summer is underway. It’s not the Ashes, but it is still an important contest at the home of cricket as Ireland reached the lunch break 78 for four.

Stuart Broad showed just what he brings to England, with three wickets for 21 at the end of the morning session.

It has been a morning Josh Tongue will never forget, from being handed his maiden Test cap by England’s greatest ever bowler James Anderson.

The only thing missing was a wicket, but Tongue eased into his first ever spell at the home of cricket, consistently bowling in the late eighties and causing England some problems.

After a flurry of early wickets, those in green dotted around the stands were able to breathe a small sigh of relief when opener James McCollom and Paul Stirling put on a 45-run partnership, before Stirling caught behind trying to sweep.

With Ireland 78-4, it’s undoubtedly been England’s morning, but there have been signs to excite the crowd with an uncharacteristically bouncy deck and a steady flow of wickets.

Ireland 78-4, McCollum 29, Tucker 8, Potts 0-22 (6)

13:03 , Mike Jones

This knock from James McCollum has been old-fashioned. He’s played himself in, seen off the new ball and taken his time to play the expansive shots that yield boundaries.

The Irish opener is doing a great job for his team and is slowly helping them towards three figures.

Ireland 71-4, McCollum 24, Tucker 6, Potts 0-17 (6)

12:54 , Mike Jones

Josh Tongue and Matt Potts are both back into the attack as Ben Stokes targets the new batter with a flurry of seam bowling. Tucker works his way up to six but McCollum continues his watchful vigil to lets the ball go nicely outside the of stump.

Ireland 66-4, McCollum 24, Tucker 1, Leach 1-16 (6)

12:46 , Mike Jones

Lorcan Tucker is the new batter and has to dig deep with his side still in a whole heap of trouble. He’s off the mark straight away.

Wicket! Stirling ct. Bairstow b. Leach 30 (35) - Ireland 64-4 (21.3)

12:42 , Mike Jones

There’s the breakthrough! Paul Stirling looks to keep the scoreboard ticking along and drops to one knee to sweep Jack Leach away.

He mistimes the stroke and gloves the ball into the air where Jonny Bairstow takes the simplest of catches behind the stumps. That will give Leach a boost too.

Ireland’s dangerman is gone.

Ireland 64-3, McCollum 24, Stirling 30, Broad 3-21 (7)

12:40 , Mike Jones

In spite of the three early wickets falling in the opening hour, Ireland are ticking along nicely with a run rate of just over three.

Broad keeps it tight though and gets through a maiden.

Ireland 64-3, McCollum 24, Stirling 30, Leach 0-14 (5)

12:35 , Mike Jones

Stirling looks well set now. He’s starting to play a few more expansive strokes and takes Leach for another boundary straight down the ground.

This partnership is developing nicely now. It’s been a fine rebuild from Ireland.

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