Enlisted, the 100-person shooter where everyone has a squad of NPCs, is coming to Steam

 A screenshot of World War 2 soviet soldiers crossing a bridge with a tank from shooter Enlisted.
A screenshot of World War 2 soviet soldiers crossing a bridge with a tank from shooter Enlisted.

Large-scale shooter Enlisted is coming to Steam this quarter of 2024, bringing its particular flavor of FPS where you're in charge of a whole squad out from the umbrella of a standalone launcher. The free-to-play game has picked up a following over the years because its approach makes the battles much bigger, but also lets you jump between members of your squad should you lose a soldier, easing the sting of death on big FPS maps.

The newly released Steam version will be called Enlisted: Reinforced, which the makers say is due to "the recent massive changes to the game, and how far the community and Enlisted has come since its initial release." Indeed, 2023 was a big year for Enlisted, with its latest few updates overhauling almost every aspect of how you progress in-game and play its campaigns.

The Steam version will remain fully cross-platform with the standalone PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.

Enlisted released an open beta in 2021 and hit the ground running, having released and continued to pile on maps, factions, weapons, and features since then. The most recent big updates, in December of last year, divided game progression into separate trees for each country to play as and allowed for more dynamic matchmaking dependent on what country and equipment loadout you've chosen. Another also brought a new class, the APC Driver, which can deploy a mobile rally point for their team.

"If you’d like to move over to Steam and play the game there while keeping the progress of your Gaijin.Net account, we’ve prepared an account migration option," says publisher Gaijin in the announcement, "Within 30 days of Enlisted’s release on Steam, you will be able to transfer your Gaijin.Net account along with all your progress to the Steam version of the game! Although, if you’d like to make sure that all of the funds from your purchase reach the developers in full, you’re more than welcome to continue using your Gaijin.Net account."

Enlisted is developed by Darkflow Software, but it's published by the much higher-profile Gaijin, the same company that develops and publishes beloved tank and plane and boat game War Thunder. Which, even if you don't play it, is famous because it's the one people get into very heated discussions over and then leak classified military documents to prove their point.

You can find out more about Enlisted over on, where you can also read the update about it coming to Steam. That or you can go see the brand new Enlisted: Reinforced Steam page, where you can also find that same announcement.