Equestrian - Munich gets ready for equestrian festival

Munich will play host to some of the world’s best equestrian riders as the competition in the German city celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend.

Equestrian - Munich gets ready for equestrian festival

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Isabell Werth

Historically the 1972 Olympic facilities attract the cream of world equestrian and this year promises to be no different with several disciplines again to be brought together at the same time.

Not only will Munich host a 5* dressage show, but a 3* showjumping will also be contested, along with vaulting and western riding competitions, in a bid to disprove the sport’s exclusive image which pervades despite increased participation numbers in Germany and France.

On the dressage side, some World Cup finalists will be competing, including the likes of like Isabelle Werth, who came fifth in Gothenburg, Valentina Truppa (sixth), Patrick Kittel (seventh) and Minna Telde (10th).

German pair Dorothee Schneider and Nadine Capellmann will also be in Munich, which is good news for those who thought the proximity of the finals in Sweden would have an adverse impact on the numbers of quality riders at the anniversary show in Germany.

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