Equestrianism - Von Eckermann mixes with the best

Henrik von Eckermann proved once again he can mix it with the best riders in the world with victory at the Mechelen Grand Prix.

Equestrianism - Von Eckermann mixes with the best

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Henrik von Eckermann with Gotha FRH

Ludger Beerbaum 's student claimed victory in Belgium with Gotha FRH, a horse he has worked with since joining the famous stables in 2002.

The horse, usually ridden by Beerbaum back then, was eventually taken on by Von Eckermann after he showed he was capable of winning international classes - with style.

Now, Von Eckermann trains every day with his colleagues Philipp Weishaupt and Marco Kutscher under the watchful eye of the 'Kaiser'.

After his latest victory Von Eckermann paid tribute to his employers.

"Without Mrs Winter-Schulze and Ludger Beerbaum all this would not have been possible," he said.

Von Eckermann still harbours hopes of reaching the World Cup finals in Gothenburg in April.

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