ESPN pundit shares a laughable opinion about Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers

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The absence of sports is making us all go crazy. To some extent, then, it should be expected that talking heads on TV networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports would offer absurd takes in order to provoke reaction and pass the time.

But a Tuesday episode of ESPN's "Get Up" featured an opinion so bad it went beyond the typical daytime nonsense of recent weeks. NFL insider Dan Graziano told a panel he believes Love will win more Super Bowls in his career than Rodgers, who has one ring and could possibly get another before retirement. His colleagues laughed at the suggestion.

"All Jordan Love has to do is win two to make this prediction come true," Graziano said, not acknowledging the fact just 12 quarterbacks in NFL history have claimed multiple championships.

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ESPN's tweet graphic for the appearance accidentally tagged an Australian social justice nonprofit instead of its own show.

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Graziano later explained his prediction as intentionally crazy because he had been asked for a bold take.

Bold doesn't mean asking a random hot take generator to spit out words, though, which is how we assume Graziano arrived at his opinion.

Before Love can think about winning Super Bowls, he'll need to figure out how to grow as a passer while backing up Rodgers in what could be an icy dynamic between competitors. Even his future as an NFL starter is not guaranteed.

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