Eubank Jr wears rainbow armband in response to Smith taunts

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Chris Eubank Jr wore a rainbow armband as he weighed in for Saturday's fight with Liam Smith, following his rival's use of homophobic taunts during a press conference.

With Eubank Jr and Smith set to meet in a middleweight contest in Manchester, both fighters launched personal attacks at a contentious media gathering on Thursday, with Smith repeatedly questioning his opponent's sexuality.

In return, Eubank Jr taunted Smith about his social class.

Smith admitted he had "crossed the line" after being heavily criticised for asking Eubank: "Nobody in this room has ever seen you with a woman. Do you have something you want to tell us?"

Having responded by wearing a rainbow armband throughout Friday's weigh-in, Eubank Jr posted an image of his face-off with Smith on Twitter, alongside the caption: "We don’t discriminate…

"We don't alienate. We want boxing, and sport as a whole, to be all inclusive."

Eubank Jr, who has recorded 32 wins and two defeats in his professional career, had earlier said the duo's exchange made him more motivated to win the bout by knockout.

"Everybody reacts in different ways to getting ready to fight another man," Eubank Jr said.

"He's so hell-bent on trying to prove he's not rattled that he just went off the rails and I had to put him in line.

"We both went there, it got personal, that's okay. Boxing is personal, fighting another man is one of the most personal things you can do. So, I get it.

"But I've always wanted to win this fight by knockout. The fact that Liam is being a child up here, it gives me a bit of extra incentive to embarrass him."