Eugene Levy's movie son Jason Biggs fills in for his real son at Walk of Fame ceremony

"My second son, Jim, is here," Levy said of his "American Pie" costar.

Eugene Levy's son and Schitt's Creek collaborator, Dan Levy, wasn't able to attend his father's Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony — but the elder Levy got the next best thing.

At the unveiling Friday, his screen son Jason Biggs, who starred as James "Jim" Levenstein in four American Pie movies opposite Levy, was on hand to help honor him.

"My son Daniel couldn't be here today, sadly," said Levy, 77. "He's shooting a movie in Bulgaria, and tell me that doesn't sound like an episode right out of Schitt's Creek. But my second son, Jim, is here from American Pie, and I love the fact you're here, Jason, honestly."

<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty</p> Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs on the Hollywood walk of Fame

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs on the Hollywood walk of Fame

It wasn't the first time the lines have been blurred between Levy's real son and his movie son. As Dan recalled to EW in 2019, "Having [American Pie] come out while I was in high school, I got a lot of idiots saying, 'Ooh. Is that a story about your life?' And in my mind I was, 'I would kill to have a life that's interesting enough to turn into a movie. No, thank you. And no, I didn't f--- a pie.'"

At Levy's Walk of Fame ceremony, his daughter (and Dan's sister), actress Sarah Levy, helped introduce him. Looking back on growing up as the child of an actor, she quipped, "When it came to parents' jobs, my dad's job was definitely the coolest. But I was certainly the only one of my friends who, when visiting him at work, would find him getting his hair and makeup done."

Friday also marked a reunion for Levy and Catherine O'Hara, whom he worked with on Schitt's Creek and more projects over the years, including numerous Christopher Guest films.

"We all know and love Eugene Levy for the wealth of original, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and ridiculously hilarious entertainment he has gifted us for so many years," O'Hara said. "Eugene is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Eugene takes his comedy very seriously… He's obviously funny, but he's not afraid to laugh at himself. In fact, most of his self-effacing jokes are aimed at the fact that he doesn't think he's funny at all — which is ridiculous."

<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty</p> Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara
<p>Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty</p> Eugene Levy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Eugene Levy

Accepting his star on the Walk of Fame, Levy reflected on his humble beginnings. "If you know me at all, you know just how uncomfortable a day this is for me, knowing you've all uprooted your schedules to be here," he said. "Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is about as far from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, as you can get. My hometown Hamilton was a big steel town when I was growing up, and if you did not want to spend your life in the steel mills or working in the scrap metal business or selling suits in one of Hamilton's fine haberdasheries, you had to get an education and become a doctor or a dentist or a lawyer or an engineer or an accountant. But nobody went into the entertainment business; It just didn't happen in Hamilton in the 1960s."

But, Levy continued, "that's when I got hooked on this business, 1961, when I performed for the first time on stage at Central High. It was a production of The Taming of the Shrew, and I played the tailor. It was a small part, I only had one scene, but I remember getting a few laughs in that scene that I'm sure Shakespeare had not intended. But even then the sound of audience laughter had a big appeal for me. So, cutting to the chase here, that's how I spent the next 50-plus years working in comedy. How rewarding was that? A life spent making people laugh."

Levy also thanked his wife, Deborah Divine, saying, "There would be no star here today without you," and paying tribute to her decades of support.

Watch Levy's full induction ceremony below.

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