Euro 2024: When is the qualifying draw and who can Scotland get?

Euro 2024: When is the qualifying draw and who can Scotland get?
Euro 2024: When is the qualifying draw and who can Scotland get?

THE World Cup is the focus of most major footballing nations heading into the winter months this year.

Unfortunately for Scotland, watching from home will be as good as it gets.

That doesn't mean the country can't begin to dream of another major tournament on the horizon.

Qualifying for Euro 2024 in Germany will start during the first international break in 2023.

A total of 54 teams will enter the draw, although, only 24 can qualify.

The 23 remaining spots will be determined by through the qualification process; 20 spots will be decided by the winners and runners-up of the 10 qualifying groups with the remaining three spots decided by play-offs.

Nations League winners will also be given the chance at a play-off, which was of course how Scotland made it to Euro 2020.

When is the Euro 2024 qualifying draw?

The draw takes place in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday, October 9.

It takes place at 11am UK time.

When will the games be played?

The qualifying group stage will take place from March to November 2023, while the three play-offs will be held in March 2024.

Sides play home and away, with the group winners and runners up advancing directly to the final tournament.

The remaining three teams will be decided through the play-offs, featuring 12 teams selected based on their performance in the 2022/23 Nations league.

How can I watch the draw?

The draw will be broadcast live on UEFA's official website.

Who can Scotland play?


Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland


France, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Wales, Israel, Bosnia, Serbia, Scotland, Finland


Ukraine, Montenegro, Norway, Slovenia, Ireland, Iceland, Albania, Romania, Sweden, Armenia


Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Luxemburg, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Macedonia

Pot 5

Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belarus, Lithuanian, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Gibraltar

Pot 6

Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein