Evening Standard Comment: Covid vaccine passports are vital | Beware the prophets

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Vaccine passports will be required for entry to a nightclub from September, and possibly other venues too (PA) (PA Wire)
Vaccine passports will be required for entry to a nightclub from September, and possibly other venues too (PA) (PA Wire)

It is official — vaccine passports are coming via the NHS app.

This paper has consistently called for their introduction — they will provide an urgently needed incentive for those still wavering on vaccination, while helping to facilitate a return to normality.

We have already seen in France the huge upswing in jab appointments within days following President Macron’s announcement that the French would have to display evidence of vaccination or a negative test in order to enter places of entertainment.

Vaccine passports represent a path to freedom and will help secure our economic recovery. We welcome them, and encourage Londoners to display theirs with pride as they go out and enjoy all the culture and fun our city has to offer.

Beware the prophets

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans,” said Woody Allen. The line still works if you switch it to “Covid-19” and “predictions”.

Professor Neil Ferguson has shifted from 100,000 cases a day being “almost inevitable” to predicting the pandemic could be largely over by the autumn. Of course, we are not yet out of the woods and a new variant could throw our progress into flux.

But it is a reminder that tough decisions are taken on the basis of risk and incomplete information and so beware prophets of certainty.

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