New Everton 2024/25 season kit 'leaked' as supporters have their say

When it comes to new kits, we’re reaching the ‘silly season’ where there seems to be more leaks than St David’s Day but an image doing the rounds on social media has certainly got Evertonians talking.

While no official confirmation has yet been made publicly by either party, it’s long been an open secret who Everton are turning to for their next kit with rumours abounding for several months about Castore, a firm founded less than nine years ago by Thomas and Philip Beahon, a pair of Merseyside brothers from Bebington.

On Friday, several fan outlets picked up on a photograph that seemed to show a model wearing a royal blue Castore-manufactured Everton shirt complete with Stake sponsors’ logo.

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It remains to be seen whether this is indeed the official design but the shirt seemed to be received more-warmly that another spotted online a few weeks ago that featured yellow trim and pinstripes and was compared to the kit worn by Wimbledon’s ‘Crazy Gang’ who upset Liverpool to win the 1988 FA Cup final.

This latest picture shows a relatively more classic design and although part of the neck is obscured by the hand of ‘the model’, we can see what appears to be a blue and white striped round neck collar and a ‘1990s retro-style pattern’ on the main body of the shirt.

The ECHO produced an article last week, pondering what designs might be used in the home kit for Everton’s historic final season at Goodison Park and asking fans for their suggestions and our readers have come up with the following comments.

TomtheToffee: “Definitely have the Leitch design on it somewhere, that’s pretty cool.”

SBaxter52: “Why not a replica of the first kit Everton wore?”

TwistMeMelon: “1960s blue shirt, white crew neck.”

Lien38: “Blue top, with collar, some reference to our history at Goodison would be good.”

BlueJohno: “Don’t mind the Castore kits. Nice and plain but why on earth don’t they have them on sale already like most other clubs. No wonder we’ve never got any money during the summer.”

ChamboSteve: “Don’t like Castore, prefer to stay with hummel myself. Has to have a collar and the badge has to be stitched, none of this stuck-on crap.”