Everton Fan View: Sack Koeman immediately

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That was then: Roberto Martinez had to go – as Koeman must now as well
That was then: Roberto Martinez had to go – as Koeman must now as well

Everton have been here before, very recently. In 2016 everyone knew that it was time for Roberto Martinez to leave the club. Everyone except for the Everton board that is, who too far too long to make a decision.

That led to unwelcome scenes of some Everton fans feeling the need to protest after the match in order to try and get the club to act. Those protests split opinion with the fan base and the whole club was very toxic at the time.

The board being slow to act made everything worse, and lessons need to be learnt from that time. They are lessons which should see Ronald Koeman’s immediate dismissal. He has clearly reached the end of the road as Everton manager and is past the point of no return.

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The players look lost on the pitch and the team selections, formations and substitutions look increasingly desperate. Koeman looks like a man who has ran out of ideas and his players look as though they have ran out of faith in him.

Everton got completely dominated by Arsenal, which is unacceptable at Goodison Park. Martinez’s time at the club ended with the fortress of Goodison Park becoming a toxic and horrible environment. What has felt different recently is that a lot of the time, Goodison has felt miserable and silent. The Everton fans seem like they have given up and don’t want to waste their breath.

The players look lost

Against Lyon and Arsenal the players actually looked like they cared. They looked as though playing for Everton mattered to them. They also looked like they had no direction or knew what they were meant to be doing. The defending has been atrocious all season and the team have looked as though they’ve received no coaching or instructions at all.

It’s clear that we’ve reached the end. Last time that happened however the board were too late in making a decision and it hurt the club and our chances of winning a trophy. Our next match is in the League Cup vs Chelsea and we need a new manager before then to give ourselves the best chance possible.

Whether the board will act quickly enough is another matter. Many clubs act very quickly in getting rid of their manager, as we have seen with Leicester recently. Everton don’t like to make such rash decisions, which is admirable in a way. With Martinez, however, it was left until it was far too late. Now is the right time, the board need to make sure the same mistakes aren’t repeated, Koeman must be sacked immediately.

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