Every Texas, Oklahoma player penalized before Red River Showdown even starts

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The Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma had drama before the game even started.

As the two teams met on the field for pre-game activities, tempers started to flare up. This is somewhat expected in a heated rivalry, but referees decided to take action before matters got even worse. Before the game even kicked off, referees announced every single player on both teams was issued an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

This means if any player is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game, they will be ejected.

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Warning: video below has explicit language.

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The reason for the extreme measure by the referees is because there were two heated exchanges between the schools. One happened in the end zone, and another happened at midfield. Both exchanges happened about 30 minutes before the start of the game.

Both teams were sent to the locker room following the midfield yelling match. As the teams left the locker room for the midfield coin toss, the officials made it clear to the team captains that they wouldn't tolerate any inappropriate behaivor.

No. 6 Oklahoma takes on No. 11 Texas at noon ET.

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