Everyone is loving this mom’s ‘aggressive’ cooking style—because she’s AWESOME

aggressive cooking tiktok mom

So much of cooking-related and recipe content is intended to give off a certain aesthetic and vibe of perfection. There’s no shortage of videos and blogs featuring gleaming white, subway-tiled kitchens and mess-free counters. And while that type of content is meant to inspire us, sometimes it makes us feel bad about the week-old jelly crust stuck on our countertops and the fact that many of us have more of a…Formica aesthetic instead of a Nancy Meyers-inspired gourmet kitchen.

Enter: Aggressive Cooking Mom. She’s real, she’s relatable, she’s funny, and her food is extremely on-par with what most regular families are eating so we aren’t stuck preparing separate meals for our pick-eating kids. (Just kidding, we’re all doing that anyway.)

Jess, a Midwestern mom who posts under the handle “applesauceandadhd” in case you need another reason to love and trust her aggressive cooking, is a mom who regularly shares the delicious meals she prepares for her family. She now has a following of over one million TikTok users because her videos have recently begun circulating on other social media platforms. Particularly the video above, featuring her “Aggressive TexMex Tatertot Casserole.”

For her part, Jess is both aggressively ecstatic and amazed at the response to her videos.

“I am in a whirlwind! I don’t know what’s happening to me,” she says, exclaiming about reaching one million followers this week. “I am so grateful to every single one of you who follow me. Unless you hate following me.”

I don’t think anyone could possibly be a hate-follow when it comes to this account. Because any mom who shares a “taco rice skillet meal something-or-other” recipe video online is a gem in my book, and clearly that goes for many others as well. Aggressive cooking FTW.

Now go forth, watch her videos, and get to chopping up that ground beef! And do it aggressively, duh.