Evra: Critics have short memories

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Patrice Evra believes those who feel he has had an easy ride as Manchester United's left-back have very short memories.

Evra's form over the past 12 months has been the subject of intense debate. It has been suggested that the arrival of Alexander Buttner will, at the very least, force Evra to buck up his ideas. The slight is one the Frenchman rejects completely.

"I am not the kind of guy who reads the papers or goes on to the internet," he said.

"When I am not playing I just stay with my family so I wasn't aware of personal criticism. It is the first time I have heard that and I don't like it.

"But when I hear people say Patrice never had someone to fight him for his place I think they have bad memories. They forget very quickly how I got to become Manchester United's left-back. I fought with two great players in Gabriel Heinze and Mikael Silvestre."

The intensity of Evra's words are matched by the fierceness of his stare.

Whilst it is dubious the 31-year-old could really be unaware of the criticisms that have dogged him since a controversial 2010 World Cup campaign, when he was blamed for taking a major role in the unrest that surrounded Raymond Domenech, Evra cannot be questioned when he confirms the greatest critic he will ever face is himself.

"Football is like a pyramid," he said.

"It is easy to reach the top of the pyramid but to stay there is the hardest part. It is too easy for people to say that now we have bought another left back Patrice Evra will have to fight for his place. Patrice Evra has always fought for his place.

"If someone is there or not I will fight because you have to respect the shirt. When you play for Manchester United that is the big challenge."

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