Ex-Magpies striker Emile N'Goy denies spot-fixing allegations

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Emile N'Goy has strenuously denied the allegations made by BBC Wales Picture: PHIL STANDFIELD
Emile N'Goy has strenuously denied the allegations made by BBC Wales Picture: PHIL STANDFIELD

FORMER Dorchester Town striker Emile N'Goy has denied any involvement in spot-fixing football matches.

It comes after the forward, his brother Hermes, and three other players were filmed by BBC Wales allegedly helping to recruit players to spot-fix matches.

Spot-fixing occurs when players illegally alter key moments in games, such as throw-ins, yellow and red cards, corners and more.

Spot-fixing is often organised by criminal gangs, who will then place bets on the pre-agreed incidents to defraud bookmakers.

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Undercover journalists from BBC Wales filmed the brothers in a room discussing alleged potential spot-fixing with three European footballers - Idris Laib, Jean-Francois Mbuba and Julien Vercauteren.

And after initially not responding when contacted by BBC Wales, free agent N'Goy has now given a statement to the Dorset Echo.

He said: "Yesterday, a TV program (was) published on BBC One Wales. It is talking about illegal operations in football.

"My name (has) been mentioned and my photo and audio records have also been secretly taken without my consent into serious allegations of spot match-fixing in the UK.

"I would like to claim that during the eight years of my football career all around Europe I have never been involved in illegal operations in football.

"I have never been asked to do something illegal during that eight years.

"(I have hired) a lawyer to prove that all the content (on) this program (has been) set up on manipulated information.

"I am a true football lover and I love my job. I am young and I have probably made the mistake to keep social relations with someone who manipulated me, saying that we are friends and who played me and used (nonsense) conversation against me to ruin my reputation."

After leaving Dorchester last summer, N'Goy played for Stranraer and has previously had spells with Llanelli in Wales, plus Scottish side Brechin and clubs in Portugal and Italy.

There is no suggestion that N'Goy, his teammates at the time or the players mentioned, spot-fixed at any of the clubs named in this report.

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