Exactly what Eva Mendes, 48, does to make her skin look so youthful

<span class="caption">Eva Mendes, 46, Shares Her Anti-Aging Tips </span>
Eva Mendes, 46, Shares Her Anti-Aging Tips

While it seems that most celebrities have the power to slow down time, Eva Mendes has managed to stop the clock all together. The Place Beyond the Pines actress and mum of two has looked the same since the '90s, so we're all wondering how she maintains her glowing skin. Luckily, she's been vocal about her healthy skin habits–here are the five tips she swears by.

1.She embraces beauty tools.

Eva swears that the best trick for looking fresh-faced is using beauty tools like microcurrent devices. In 2018, she told Glamour UK, 'I love the ZIIP Beauty tool for my face, a handheld electrical skincare device that works with energetic vibrations that are pushed into the skin through positive-and negatively-charged discs.' She also uses a facial roller to de-puff. 'I like to keep mine in the fridge for extra love. Ageing is so fun,' she said on her Instagram.

2. She doesn't forget hydration.

In an interview with Redbook, Eva dished her skincare essential: coconut oil! 'I'm on the coconut oil bandwagon. It's my moisturiser for my hands, body, even my face—though for the day, I prefer Estée Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Creme. It's thick and wears well under makeup.' But, its no secret that hydration starts from the inside, and Eva totally agrees. She told Estée Lauder, 'For me, it really does start with what I put into my body and if you’re not hydrating, you really see it in your skin.' She previously told Shape, 'I drink a lot of water. I always keep a bottle with me and kind of force myself to drink. My skin just looks better when I'm hydrated.'

3. She skips her morning cleanse.

The mum of two understands that time is a luxury and has tailored her beauty routine to her lifestyle. During a Facebook Q&A, she said, 'I save time by not washing my face in the morning. It's one less thing to do and I find that water is drying to my face.'

4. She uses DIY products.

'When it comes to skincare I love using things I can find in my kitchen cabinet!' she told Violet Grey. We know coconut oil is her go-to favourite but she also combines yoghurt and sea salt to exfoliate. 'If I’m going out and looking tired and puffy (which happens a lot these days), I dip my face into a bucket of ice water,' a tip she got from Lucille Ball's makeup artist. Talk about natural beauty.

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