EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Idriss Partners With Sephora

#DermTok darling Dr. Shereene Idriss is taking her eponymous brand to retail.

Dr. Idriss, the brand formerly known as PillowtalkDerm, will be heading to Sephora. That rollout will entail the Sephora app, Sephora’s website and roughly 300 doors with the prestige beauty retailer.

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It currently entails four products: two serums, a mask and a moisturizer, which follow Idriss’ in-office philosophy on tackling skin tone before texture and wrinkles, and those products range in price from $38 to $68.

“It’s been a very successful year and a half,” Idriss said, adding that her educational approach to skin care on social media translated seamlessly into building a loyal community around the brand. Now that she’s solidified her consumer base, she thinks it’s time for retail.

“When we first launched, we wanted to focus on community and make sure we knew how to run the business. We knew if there was feedback, we can interact with people. The communication has always been open, and has always gone both ways back-and-forth,” she said.

That clarity of conversation has helped differentiate the brand, she said, after building her robust social media presence by debunking skin care myths. “Education is at the forefront, and we can help bridge that gap at Sephora,” Idriss said. “We can lead through education and change the narrative, and take it to another level of medical and clinical understandings of science.”

Those differentiators are part of what attracted Sephora.

“Led by founder and leading board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss, this brand takes a thoughtful formula-first approach to skin care, offering simple-yet-effective solutions that are focused on consistency and backed by science,” added Carolyn Bojanowski, executive vice president of merchandising at Sephora. “We look forward to welcoming Dr. Idriss to our Sephora community and know that its emphasis on education and innovative products and will resonate with our clients.”

The partnership will give Dr. Idriss more reach, akin to its presence online, where Idriss boasts 3 million followers across social platforms. “We have our community, and Sephora has the beauty insider community, and we have Shereene and they have advisers,” said Ariel Gold, Dr. Idriss’ brand president. “Right now feels like the perfect time to bring Dr. Idriss to hundreds of Sephora doors, and a new community where people can touch and feel and experience it.”

Skin care is still growing double-digits — and that growth in prestige is outpacing the mass market, having swelled 14 percent in 2023.

Added Idriss, “I’ve always been on socials because my goal was to expand beyond the walls of my practice, and now people want to experience the product in real life. I can’t be many places all at once, but my products can.”

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