Exclusive: Harlem Eubank reveals concerning reason why Chris Eubank Jr lost to Liam Smith

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Chris Eubank Jr tasted the first knockout loss of his career to Liam Smith, who stopped the 'Next Gen' star inside four rounds in Manchester at the start of the year.

The 33-year-old, who is preparing for the fight in Las Vegas with Roy Jones Jr, was sent crashing to the canvas twice by Smith in the first encounter before the referee halted the contest.

The rematch is now seen as a win or boost saloon for Eubank, who now has a record of 32 wins and three defeats - with his two losses coming to British pair Billy Joe Saunders and George Groves.

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Smith moved up from his usual fighting weight of 154lbs to take on Eubank at middleweight in January and the knockout win was a shock to many considering how Eubank had been able to withstand punishment from bigger punchers such as Groves at super middleweight.

Harlem Eubank has admitted he noticed something different in his cousin and believes the impact of cutting weight for the proposed fight against Conor Benn at 157lbs back in December may have had an impact in the outcome.

"Regarding the first fight I was very surprised at the way the fight ended as was everyone. I never saw that as a potential outcome but I think from what I saw from before the fight in the dressing room, that wasn't the same Chris I had seen in every other fight before," Harlem told Planet Sport.

"He has a bulletproof aura resilience about him and some people think it's ego but he has a bullet proofness about him and I didn't see that in his demeanour in the way he was carrying himself before the fight and a few people picked up on it as well.

"I think he will amend that for the rematch and sometimes whether it's stuff that has happened in the build up preparation, sometimes you only realise it in that moment before you walk into the ring.

"Whether it was underestimation or something else, I think maybe that came to fruition before the fight but he knows the threat this time.

"Before the Conor Benn fallout it was a quick turnaround and a tougher fight in Liam Smith which created difficulties in having to carry your preparation after not fighting through to a fighter which is more dangerous so there were a lot of things in the build up that happened but in this one, he knows what is in front of him and he will be ready and prepared to take that on."

Harlem Eubank believes the second domestic clash between Eubank and Smith - which will take place on Sky Sports Box Office on June 17 - will have a different outcome.

"Chris has the potential to stop him but Liam is very resilient himself, he has been hurt in fights and recovers well.

"I would say Chris on points but I wouldn't be surprised if he did pull out the stoppage as well - his mindset is in a difference place for this one and is now in a position as an underdog and he likes that by proving the doubters wrong.

"That is going to be his fuel to overcome Liam Smith."

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