Exclusive: Love Island winner Jack Fincham on possible bout with Tommy Fury and influencer boxing

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The 31-year-old will be in action on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather's exhibition fight with YouTuber Deji.

Fincham enjoyed a successful amateur career, winning 18 of his 26 fights for Eltham ABC. He will now turn professional and will mark his debut in the 17,000 capacity Coca Cola Arena. Another former Love Island star Tommy Fury will also be on the show when he takes on Paul Bamba.

When asked whether he has ever thought about fighting his fellow reality TV star, Fincham told Planet Sport: "Yeah, course I thought about it. But the way I look at it at the minute, even though this isn't my first fight, to everyone watching this is essentially my first fight.

"I just think it looks ridiculous when you start calling people out and saying who you want next when you've not even had your first one. "I think after I had my first one, people see how I performed, I see how I performed, then I can start thinking about who do I want to fight next, what do I want to do. "Then I've got a right to say I want to fight this person, I want to fight that person.

"At this stage it's hard to go 'I want to start calling this person out or that person out', because you look like an idiot. That's how I look at it."

Sunday's show will be the latest boxing event to incorporate influencers and YouTubers.

Fincham believes he is somewhere in the middle between an actual boxer and an influencer boxer.

He said: "The way boxing is going at the minute, you've got the influencer boxing and YouTube boxing.

"I would say that I fit in both of the categories because I've got a pro licence, I've done it since I was a kid. I've got experience in the ring already and it's not going to look s**t, if I'm honest. You can say 'he knows what he's doing'. You're watching someone who knows how to box. "But then I'd also fit in the influencer/YouTube boxing kind of thing, purely because I've done TV and having a couple million followers on social media. I think that makes it more interesting." Fincham's upcoming opponent, Anthony Taylor, is a former MMA fighter but has recently transitioned into boxing.

'Pretty Boy' has a record of 3-3 in the sport and recent knocked out Ashley Rak-Su three seconds into their fight on DAZN's influencer boxing series.

Fincham was not impressed with Taylor's post-fight antics, saying: "I watched it after and I thought, 'yeah you've caught him with a good shot, but what did you do after.' "He's had five pro fights, he's ex-mma, he's fit - you should be beating people like that anyway. It's not like shock. And I don't like shouting after 'oh, I want this person' and he's calling people out. After something like that, that's not the way you should be acting I think." Fincham and Taylor will square off on Sunday, November 13.

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