EXCLUSIVE: Marc Forné and Manu Rios Launch Second Capsule for Carrer

Spanish fashion brand Carrer has entered the genderless space.

“Carrer,” which means “street” and derives from the Catalán language, was created by cofounders and creative directors Marc Forné and actor Manu Rios.

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The idea for the brand sparked from the design duo’s daily life wardrobe, and aims to reinterpret pieces for an assortment of basics with a vintage and streetwear flair.

“Step by step we are getting closer to this universe that we ended up creating and that to date we’re still creating, this ‘Carrer’ universe that for us represents a lot ourselves in fashion and in our daily lives,” Forné said.

Looks from Carrer's Spring-Summer Capsule.
Looks from Carrer’s spring capsule.

The brand officially launched in October 2023. The first capsule included pieces with a utilitarian details, such as jackets with cargo patch pockets, cargo trousers with ripstop fabrics, overshirts, sweatshirts, waffle long-sleeve Henleys, classic slim-fit tank tops and classic-style boxy T-shirts with the brand’s logo on the chest, a rework of menswear staples done in a color palette, which includes earth tones in various shades, such as browns, grays and greens. Most of the first capsule has sold out.

“In the end, it’s menswear that can be worn by women and that we would love to see women wear. I love a girl in cargos or a bomber jacket and it’s more of like the off-duty looks of those girls,” Forné said.

Carrer cofounders and creative directors, Marc Forné and Manu Rios
Carrer cofounders and creative directors, Marc Forné and Manu Rios

The duo are among many in fashion who have embraced genderless fashion. There’s Gucci’s MX line with a section dedicated to nonbinary and gender-fluid fashion; Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x Adidas collection offering gender-neutral sizing, and Stella McCartney, which features a unisex assortment on her website.

On Friday, Carrer launched a new spring capsule collection called “Moving in Different Space,” which adds 10 wardrobe essentials, such as a reversible bomber jacket, a beige canvas parka that features two front storm flaps and a rear storm shield, a mock neck zip-up in French terry, color-blocked polo shirts and a double-layered T-shirt set, which can be worn separately done in a lightweight cotton jersey, with an updated color palette with inclusions of new iconic blues and cold grays, complemented by a warm selection of beiges and minty grays.

A Look from Carrer's Spring-Summer Capsule.
A look from Carrer’s spring capsule.

“It’s also very sexy, even though you’re not like doing sexy clothes, but I think it’s a much more refined collection than the first one as we’re of course learning and I think you can see the evolution,” Forné added.

The new drop also sees a rerelease of the Carrer’s bestsellers with a few updated twists, such as the waffle long-sleeve Henley with an elongated sleeve featuring a finger hole, the boxy short-sleeve T-shirt with the brand logo embroidered on the chest and their ripstop cargo pant that includes several utility pockets in various sizes, topped with a leather patch and adjustable straps on the waist and bottom for a more comfortable fit.

Forné and Rios are still building the base blocks for Carrer, and will be adding more fashion essentials to the roster. The cofounders said bags are coming soon, as well as a sandal.

“For us, accessories are almost as important as the clothes, but I think that’s going to come whenever we’re ready to do it right,” Forné told WWD.

A Look from Carrer's Spring-Summer Capsule.
A look from Carrer’s spring capsule.

“It’s really nice to see how people appreciate this. When consumers go for a small brand that is new, they go for the pieces that are special. We felt that people are going after the pieces that are bringing something a bit different and it’s only when the brand has been around for a while that they will buy pieces with the logo or the T-shirt. But at the beginning there’s much more appreciation for the actual product, and we were happy to learn that,” Forné said.

A Look from Carrer's Spring-Summer Capsule.
A look from Carrer’s spring capsule.

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