EXCLUSIVE: Netflix, Bath & Body Works Create ‘Bridgerton’-inspired Products

Netflix is drumming up buzz for the third season of “Bridgerton” with a new beauty collaboration.

The entertainment giant has teamed with Bath & Body Works on a collection of 32 stock keeping units that span seven different categories, including body care, candles, soaps and hand sanitizers, in five different scents, including hero fragrance Diamond of the Season. They bow in-store and online on March 25.

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For Bath & Body Works, the decision to partner came naturally given the significant overlap between “Bridgerton” viewers and the brand’s shoppers. “We have a very beloved core consumer who really considers Bath & Body Works to be a part of their life. The connection here is we know that customer loves ‘Bridgerton,’” said Betsy Schumacher, Bath & Body Works’ chief merchandising officer.

The show has had several other beauty collaborations, including two makeup collections with Pat McGrath Labs. Bath & Body Works is betting on fragrance as a complement to consumers’ lives.

“Fans of ‘Bridgerton’ are connected to this idea of immersive and decadent escapism, which we are trying to deliver through the power of fragrance,” said Maurice Cooper, Bath & Body Works’ chief customer officer.

“We wanted to add a dimension to the all-important occasion of bingeing our favorite Netflix shows,” Cooper continued. “We want our fragrances to help transport those customers right into the scene of their favorite programming with exclusive, limited-edition products.”

“Bridgerton’s” viewership also dovetails with Bath & Body Works’ broader strategic focus on younger consumers. “This show has a fantastic viewership, and in the same way that in 2021, ‘Bridgerton’ was Netflix’s second-most-watched show. The show brings with it a younger, more diverse audience, which is fueling our growth,” Cooper said.

The collection will be merchandised at the front of Bath & Body Works stores — “It’s the whole front table, so it gives the ability to smell the fragrances, see all the accessories and our marketing team did an incredible job bringing ‘Bridgerton’ to life,” Schumacher said. “’Bridgerton’ gave us a lot of room to be able to be creative with our accessories to complete the look for our customer.”

Olfactively, the products take cues from the show — Schumacher called out the Champagne notes in Diamond of the Season, for example — while a tea fragrance is called Queen Charlotte’s Tea. One range is even scented after a study in the Bridgerton house.

“We are actively trying to work our marketing investment and our new point of view to be inclusive to a broader set of customers. That is really important for us,” Cooper continued. “We’re leaning into men, we’re leaning into younger customers, we’re leaning into underrepresented populations. We want the power of fragrance to be experienced by all.”

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