Exotic animals set up new home in Bolton farm

Marmosets are now at the farm <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Marmosets are now at the farm (Image: Newsquest)

A Bolton farm has welcomed lemurs and marmosets to its impressive collection of animals on show for visitor

Smithills Open Farm is showcasing the primates as its newest additions to its zoo section, with more “exotic” animals set to be announced later this week.

The venue’s latest furry attractions will be complementing its existing population of meerkats, skunks, wallabies and other animals not native to the UK.

The marmosets have been set up in the wild section of the zoo which has recently been renovated.

The pair are located further down from a group of meerkats who have been a staple of the farm for a long time.

They mark a change from the more conventional animals such as cows.

The marmosets have been acquired from Bradley Folds Garden which has allowed them to be used to visitors and blend in well to visitors to the farm.

Manager Louise Blundell said: “It’s another animal for people to see.

“It’s a bit more unusual, everybody loves lemurs and monkeys, but it means people obviously don’t have to go to Blackpool Zoo or Chester Zoo to see them.

“It’s just something a bit more unusual.”

She added: "We have got leemas and marmosets.

"We got the two marmosets from Bradley Fold Gardens last week.

"We expect a lot of people to be along to see them.

"We got them as we knew we were going to renovate that part of the zoo to make sure we had space for a new species.

"They have been at Bradley Fold Gardens so they are used to people, it is not anything new for the

The eagerly awaited third addition to the new section was expected to be announced last on Wednesday, with fans of the farm predicting anything from sloths to spider monkeys.

Co-owner Carl Grimshaw said: “A brand new attraction for the farm, something really exciting for you guys to come and see.

“We’ll be sorting out some feeding times throughout the day, where people can come and feed the marmosets and learn more about the monkeys and see how active they are and how sociable they are.”

Last year the farm opened a new milk parlour.