Expert tips to keep wedding guests cool during the UK heatwave

Wedding catering during heatwave. Photo: Vanilla in Allseasons
Wedding catering during heatwave. Photo: Vanilla in Allseasons

As the UK faces an unexpected heatwave, couples planning their weddings are presented with the unique challenge of ensuring their guests remain comfortable and refreshed.

"In the face of unexpected challenges, innovation and adaptability are key. We are dedicated to providing couples with creative solutions to enhance their wedding experience, regardless of the weather," says Vanilla in Allseasons.

Cooling Dishes:

There's a special emphasis on crafting dishes that are both delightful to the palate and suitable for the climate. For a heatwave, it's recommended to consider dishes that are naturally cooling and light. Appetizers such as refreshing gazpacho or citrusy ceviche set the tone. For main courses, salads featuring fresh greens, grilled seafood, and cold pasta salads with crisp vegetables are ideal. Concluding the meal with desserts like fruit-based sorbets, berry parfaits, or a zesty lemon tart can offer a cooling finish.

Other suggestions include:

  • Hydration Stations: Beyond just water, consider setting up stations with a variety of infused waters, iced teas, and non-alcoholic spritzers. Popular infusions include cucumber-mint, lemon-rosemary, and strawberry-basil. For a touch of luxury, sparkling water with a splash of elderflower cordial can be a hit.

  • Shade and Comfort: Renting large umbrellas or marquees is a start, but also think about creating comfortable lounging areas with plush seating and cooling mist fans. Supplying guests with hand-held fans, parasols, or even personalized handkerchiefs can be both functional and a memorable keepsake.

  • Themed Presentation: Elevate the dining and overall event experience with thematic elements. Ice sculptures can serve as both art and functional drink coolers. Chilled serving plates and bowls can keep dishes cooler for longer. Consider also using decorative ice cubes with edible flowers for drinks.

  • Scheduling: While planning main events during the cooler parts of the day is wise, also consider the flow of the event. Perhaps introduce a "cool-down" break, where guests can enjoy iced refreshments and light snacks in a shaded area.

  • Local and Seasonal Ingredients: Incorporating ingredients that are in season and locally sourced not only ensures better taste but also promotes sustainability. Highlighting these choices in the menu can also be a talking point for guests. For instance, a salad made with locally sourced heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil can be both delicious and eco-friendly.

"Every dish tells a story. In the face of a heatwave, the culinary narrative becomes one of refreshment, innovation, and a celebration of love, come rain or shine," Vanilla in Allseasons added.