An Expert's Opinion On Drinking Red Wine Mixed With Coca-Cola

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In the shifting world of cocktail and beverage trends, a curious pairing has captured the attention of adventurous palates: red wine mixed with Coca-Cola. This unconventional blend of two classic drinks has emerged from the underground and is now making waves in the world of mixology and wine enthusiasts alike. The drink is quite similar to a kalimotxo, the 1920s cocktail that originated in Basque, the Spanish countryside, but no longer is the combination of red wine and Coke confined to a single region. It's being enjoyed by those looking for a sweet and refreshing alternative to traditional cocktails.

Vanessa Price, the sommelier, author, and mastermind behind the renowned restaurant Mavericks Montauk, which opened in May 2023, offers her insights into this intriguing combo. "I think that wine is subjective and ultimately a pleasure that is best left to one's sort of mentality." Personally, Price told us in an interview she "wouldn't rush to mix wine and Coca-Cola." Elaborating on this point, she shares, "Certainly, if you're drinking something that's a finer quality that perhaps took a vintner backbreaking years to farm, produce, age, bottle, and sell ... it might be a bit too much to mask that with a simple coke, but there are plenty of young fresh fruity wines that could go easily enough with an ice-cold Coca-Cola and perhaps a few ice cubes."

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Price Thinks You Should Try The Trend

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Price's perspective highlights the diversity of wine offerings available to suit various tastes. While purists might hesitate to mix a fine Bordeaux or a vintage Pinot Noir with cola, the trend's appeal lies in its ability to adapt to a wide range of wines. Young, fruit-forward wines, such as Beaujolais or a Spanish Tempranillo, can harmonize surprisingly well with the effervescence and sweetness of Coca-Cola. One of the most exciting aspects of this trend is its versatility. Enthusiasts experiment with different ratios of wine to cola and often add a twist of lime or a few ice cubes to create their perfect combination. The result is a refreshing, low-alcohol beverage that straddles the line between a classic wine spritzer and a cola-based cocktail.

The trend of mixing red wine with Coca-Cola certainly encourages wine lovers to think outside the bottle and explore new dimensions of flavor. It's a playful yet respectful nod to tradition, showing that even the most time-honored customs can evolve to accommodate the ever-changing tastes of a curious generation. So, if you're in the mood for something unconventional, don't hesitate to give this trend a try. As Price suggests, "Don't knock it till you try it!"

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