Extreme Sports YouTube Collective CboysTV Signs With UTA (Exclusive)

Sports and comedy collective CboysTV, best known for doing dangerous stunts on dirt bikes and other motorized vehicles, have signed with UTA in all areas.

The Hollywood entertainment and sports talent agency will help six local friends behind CboysTV to expand their digital footprint beyond a massively popular YouTube Channel and audience to create a sustainable business model across UTA divisions like digital, audio, ventures, touring and unscripted TV.

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CboysTV comprises Ben Roth (24), Ryan Iwerks (27), CJ Lotzer (27), Micah Sandman (27), Ken Matthees (28) and Evan Sheff (30), who came together over a love of thrill-seeking extreme sports. UTA will look to expand their online community beyond a YouTube Channel, where they have 5.5 million followers, to other digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat to bolster their audience size and engagement.

On YouTube, CboysTV has amassed around 970 million total views for short videos that feature a host of extreme sports, and especially dirt bike, stunts, challenges and shenanigans. And while showcasing their offroad lifestyle in their videos and social media channels, CboysTV has expanded its e-commerce apparel line and audio content that UTA will look to scale up.

On the brand marketing front, group member Iwerks has partnered with Coors Light for their Superbowl commercial on an ongoing basis, and the CBoysTV collective signed a separate branding deal with DraftKings. CBoysTV also produces Life Wide Open, a weekly podcast that shares stories from the five friends, including business tips and dating advice.

“Life Wide Open” is also the American motorsports comedy group’s motto. UTA will also look to get licensed products from CboysTV, including their apparel line, into shopping malls, and explore opportunities in unscripted TV.

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