F1-style pit stops set for World Superbikes, possibly Moto GP

Formula One style pit stops are set to be introduced to next season's World Superbike Championship to prevent races being stopped by rain, with the possibility of Moto GP following suit.

F1-style pit stops set for World Superbikes, possibly Moto GP

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The one-bike rule has meant Superbike races are often stopped due to rain

When weather changes in a race so must tyres, but the one-bike rule introduced to the WSBK Championship this year means this is not currently possible without a pit-stop.

With Superbikes set to be organised by Moto GP rights holder Dorna from next year, Infront – which currently runs the championship – said it the introduction of pit stops were likely to be the only change ahead of the transfer.

"For the 2013 season, nothing special will happen [to WSBK]," said Infront CEO Paulo Flammini. "The calendar has been published by the FIM and the plan for the forthcoming Superbike Commission meeting is to confirm all the technical and sporting regulation modifications as agreed during this year. "By the way, not big changes. I think the biggest change will be the possibility to make pit stops in order to avoid stopping a race for the rain."

Moto GP allows a full bike change during a pit stop in case a tyre swap is required due to the weather, although that too could follow suit in allowing longer F1-style pit-stops to adjust the existing bike.

It would be one of a number of changes Dorna are looking to push through in time for the 2014 season, with a control ECU and rev limit also being discussed with bike manufacturers.

Whatever changes occur, it is likely that Dorna will look to favour Moto GP in terms of technical development, creating a clear tier-system that already exists in everything but name. "The 2013 season will go ahead in the way that is already planned," added Flammini. "For the future I cannot give you any information. This will be part of the strategy to be implemented and we will see what happens." It is unknown whether Dorna will look to retain Infront staff or recruit from outside the existing WSBK organiser, although it is expected that key technical and event-management personnel will remain associated with the Championship.

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