F365 narrative ‘ruining’ the World Cup where Bellingham can’t be trusted for England

 Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

There’s some defence for Qatar, or rather an attack on The West, as a Mailboxer questions the England doom-mongers and Jude Bellingham can’t be trusted…

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World Cup whataboutery
I’ve been an avid fan of F365 for over a decade, but I am simply quite sick and tired of the moral high round exhibited by western media and journalists throughout this World Cup.

None more so than the Matt Stead article celebrating Qatar getting knocked out the World Cup.  I’ve never seen someone so entitled and writing with such arrogance.  Just fyi Matt, the UK has one of the bloodiest histories in the world and is in no position to teach others what’s right and wrong.  And you’re not a global power anymore so stop thinking the days of the British Empire are alive and kicking.

I’ve lived in the UK my whole life and am a British citizen, but I’m completely sickened with this western narrative about Qatars record with human rights.

Just a brief fact for you Matt, the most people benefiting from the cheap Labour in Qatar for preparation for the World Cup are western companies, taking in millions in profit, but I don’t see any western media or yourself bringing that up.  Stop with the hypocrisy and start respecting every sovereign nation and their rules and regulations, the same way you expect visitors to queue properly in Britain when they visit and to adhere to British rules and societal norms.

Britain is not greater than Qatar or vice versa, so stop acting that way.  I will now be actively supporting any nation that plays western nations with this sickening narrative.

It’s very simple, if you don’t respect the country’s laws and society, just don’t go.  But no need to ruin the month we’ve been waiting for for four years.  Thanks.

Also, I must say I’ve grown to admire Piers Morgan for calling out the statements laced with hypocrisy regarding everything with this World Cup.

Let’s enjoy the football.
Wes, London


Blaming boos on Qatar
It’s amazing how absolutely everything bad that happens at this World Cup is attributed to Qatar. The latest example being England fans booing. Alexander blames the lack of enthusiasm for the World Cup on the type of fans that are there. Then goes onto say that these fans are all expats (with no evidence) and they’re all therefore entitled and horrible people.

England were booed in 2010. They were booed in 2014. They were booed last year at home for taking the knee. They’ve been booed many times in between. If there is one constant about England fans, it’s that they will turn on their team very quickly if things are not going well.

There are many things to blame Qatar for. The fact that England fans are booing is not one of them.
Mike, LFC, London


England doom and gloom
Because I didn’t really want to crow about the result – I was more disappointed than relieved – I decided to wait to see the tone of the mailbox before offering my thoughts on the match. 16 Conclusions wisely credits the fantastic American midfield performance, but most of that column, not to mention nearly everything else I read, seems to insist on England’s badness without ever considering that the USA played a role in the match.

The USA is probably better than you think; some of the players you’ve never heard of play for good clubs. We’ve got a fair amount of talent, and Berhalter gave them a good, Eddie-Howesque plan: a mid press, allowing only England’s center backs time on the ball and pushing the ball toward the wings, where neither Shaw nor Trippier are anything to fear for Dest and Robinson. The idea was to win the ball back  in positions where the USA could swiftly move to attack. England are a really good side, so it only worked some of the time. England’s squad is more experienced, to be sure, and even more talented in most positions, but given that England have never managed to beat the USA in a World Cup, any expectation that England would dominate was surely out of place. From my perspective, England fended off a dangerous opponent looking for a scalp and earned a creditable point. For my part, I’m nodding resolutely and getting my hope on for Tuesday and Iran.

Perhaps the doom-and-gloomery shouldn’t surprise a Newcastle supporter or a guy that’s been reading (and writing to) Football365 since at least 2009. But it really does point up the different experiences of our two nations’ supporters. I can’t even imagine carrying the weight of expectation that English fans carry. If the USA were to fail to make the group stage, some members of the sports press would shame-facedly wonder whether Berhalter had the stature for the job; I figure he’d offer to resign, anyway. It would be relatively quiet, everyone would behave professionally, and Good Old Greg would be extravagantly eulogized by USA Soccer for his career achievements. They’d probably make a movie or something.

I have some idea of what would happen if England were to fail to qualify. It…wouldn’t look anything like that. I have to think that the savagery of your sports press and the way you so often tear down your loyal servants is a result of all that expectation. I guess I’m glad I don’t have it, because it seems to take a lot of the fun out of this whole sports lark for you lot. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Or maybe having invented and popularized the sport gives the English an arguably justified proprietary relationship to football? I’m not extremely familiar with England’s cricket and rugby press and community but have never thought of them as quite so sour. If there is a difference, does it come from something else?

At any rate: England are top of the group with a huge goal differential and the group’s weakest team still to come. You’ll be fine. Jeez.
Chris C, Toon Army DC


Jude can’t be trusted
Ill begin with the probably popular anecdote that I don’t watch Bellingham every week. Just his YouTube highlights when he scores/assists and I I’ll watch his champions league games.  Another contributor mentioned on which I shall add, discussing Bellinghams flaws.
A prodical talent he is, but tactically I’m not sure he is very reliable and therefore not very Southgate.
His first touch sometimes lets him down massively, he has a tendency to take a heavy one, which is usually saved by his athleticism. Sometimes, sometimes this heavy touch draws in a unsuspecting victim and allows Bellingham to nip infront and actually take the opposing player out the game. Sometimes it’s just a bad touch.
He also displays a lack of discipline positionally, marauding ala Gerrard when the game isn’t going his way. I think a contribution mentioned this in days prior, with his tendency to do this for Dortmund. Which again is great when it comes off, but we don’t see the highlights of all the times it doesn’t. Yesterday he went wondering for the entire second half, and was mostly the reason Rice was so poor. He had two men on him all the time, Henderson came on and at least offered a safe place for the last twenty minutes.
I think Jude may have played his way out the team and should England beat Wales, and head into higher realms, I doubt he will be trusted again.
Again he is a brilliant athletic talent, but I fear he is not quite ready technically for the chess which is international football.
Sean. BC, because it’s cold. Canada.

Liverpool target Bellingham Credit: Alamy
Liverpool target Bellingham Credit: Alamy


Boring, boring England
Too many English football games are played in the same boring way these days, kicking the ball around in your own half and not making any headway into a goal scoring area will not win matches, and you make one mistake in your own half and it gives the opponents the opportunity to score their own goals, push up kick it round in front of their goalmouth and let them make the mistakes nobody won a football match from the centre line or their own half of the pitch
Steve Cov


Clive love
I thought the piece on Clive Tyldesley was excellent.



I’m liking Andros Townsend on co comms, but disappointed by the lack of “for me, Clive”.
Chris Bridgeman, Kingston upon Thames

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