FA condemn 'abhorrent' Hillsborough chants amid increase

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The Football Association has condemned the rise in terrace chants relating to the Hillsborough disaster, calling them "abhorrent" and stating they will continue to work with survivor groups.

An apparent increase in derogatory language referencing the 1989 disaster, when 97 Liverpool fans died in a stadium crush during an FA Cup semi-final at the Sheffield Wednesday ground, has been noted over the past year.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola condemned the behaviour of supporters during an incident last season, and did so again last month.

Manchester United also criticised fans over their actions in April, and now the FA have moved to clamp down further on the matter.

"We are very concerned about the rise of abhorrent chants in stadiums that are related to the Hillsborough disaster and other football related tragedies," read a statement.

"These chants are highly offensive and are deeply upsetting for the families, friends and communities who have been impacted by these devastating events, and we strongly condemn this behaviour.

"We support clubs and fans who try to stamp out this behaviour from our game.

"We also support the excellent work of the survivor groups who engage with stakeholders across football to help educate people about the damaging and lasting effects that these terrible chants can have."