FA Cup - Bradford reinstated after appeal

The Football Association has reinstated Bradford City to the FA Cup after the club successfully appealed against their removal.

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The FA Cup trophy

The League Two club, who on Tuesday night eliminated Arsenal in the quarter-finals of the Capital One Cup, had originally been expelled from the FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player in their second-round fixture with Brentford.

The FA decided that Bradford did not have the necessary written permission for on-loan Newcastle United defender Curtis Good to play before the deadline of noon on Friday, November 30.

Following Bradford's appeal, the FA has decided that the punishment was too harsh and has reinstated them to the competition, fining them a fee of £1,000 instead.

The FA explained its reasoning with a lengthy statement on its official website.

"a) The Board considered in full the submissions and noted that the focus of the appeal was to consider whether to expel Bradford City from The FA Cup was either unreasonable or excessive.

"b) In doing so, the Appeal Board accepts that the failure to obtain and submit the acceptance from Newcastle United giving approval to play the player by noon on the match day was a genuine error and recognised that corrective action was attempted as soon as the omission was discovered and that no attempt to deceive was made. The Club are to be given credit for this.

"c) The Appeal Board noted with interest that the representative of The FA Cup Committee confirmed that no alternative option than expulsion was considered and that the decision was based on “custom and practice”.

"d) It was also suggested by The FA Cup Committee that “the rules are clear” and the Appeal Board accepts that to be the case in that the Committee has the ability to make such penalty as it considers appropriate and may remove a club.  This allows the Committee appropriate flexibility.

"e) Having established the ability to make an alternative decision the Board consider the issue of reasonableness and sanction.

"f) Firstly, the Board accepts that it is reasonable to expel a club where they have fielded an ineligible player, therefore, that element of the appeal was dismissed.

"g) They then turn to the issue of excessive penalty and are drawn to the fact that the effect of any decision and sanction needs to be appropriate, proportionate and fair.

"h) Taking into consideration that the immediate disclosure before the game, the fact that the player was for all other intents eligible and was only barred through a genuine administrative error of notification, that no consideration had been given to an alternative option that the decision was in the Appeal Board’s view excessive.

"i) Therefore, that element of the appeal was upheld and the decision varied.

"j) The Club are reinstated to The FA Cup Competition and are fined £1,000.

"Bradford’s Second Round replay with Brentford will go ahead  at 7.45pm on Tuesday 18 December at Griffin Park."

A Bradford statement said: "We can confirm that on appeal the club has now been reinstated back into the FA Cup competition and has been fined for its actions.

"We deeply regret our breach of the rules and are currently reviewing our procedures to ensure no repeat of this situation."

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