Fact Check: Rihanna Says She Is Expecting Another Baby With A$AP Rocky?

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In mid-November 2023, Rihanna announced that she and A$AP Rocky were expecting their third baby.


Rating: False
Rating: False

In August 2023 Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's second child was born, and three months later a rumor circulated on social media that the couple was expecting another baby. A post shared in mid-November on X read, "Rihanna confirmed that she & Asap Rocky are expecting their 3rd Baby," reaching over 53 million views at the moment of this writing.

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The same rumor was shared by numerous accounts, however, neither of them indicated source of that information.

What's more, multiple videos were shared on YouTube, allegedly providing evidence that singer-songwriter Rihanna had announced her third pregnancy. "Baby No. 3! Find out everything Rihanna has said about having another child with ASAP Rocky," one video's title read.

On Nov. 7, 2023, HITC, a British news and entertainment website, published an article with the title "DEEPFAKE RIHANNA CONVINCES FANS SHE’S PREGNANT AGAIN WITH HER 3RD BABY," suggesting the rumor may have been inspired by AI-generated videos that were circulated online. It read:

Deep fake video of Rihanna convinces fans she’s pregnant again

The video includes everything it takes to make fans believe Rihanna and her rapper beau are expecting another baby. The caption bluntly states: “Rihanna admitted that she is pregnant again” printed over the singer’s family picture.

The overlay text is followed by an actual clip of Rihanna, but with a voiceover created to support the baseless claims about a 3rd child.

When a different voice – which also appears to be generated using AI – asks the singer “How many kids do you want”, the deep fake voice responds: “3. I am pregnant again.”

Moreover, the photo attached to the viral posts was captured in May 2023, when she was pregnant with her second child, so it could not have been captured during her third pregnancy, as some social media users suggested.

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Finally, no reliable sources had reported Rihanna was pregnant for the third time as of this writing, and she had not announced it on her own social media accounts. Therefore, we have rated this claim as False.


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