Fact Check: Staffer Tells Lost and Confused Biden He's Going Wrong Way in Capitol Building?

Does video show a staffer telling Joe Biden he
Does video show a staffer telling Joe Biden he's going the wrong way in the Capitol Building?. @staatsanklaeger/X


Viral video authentically shows a staffer whispering in President Joe Biden's ear that he's in the Capitol Building and going the wrong way.


Rating: Fake
Rating: Fake


The audio track of a clip showing Biden talking to people in the crowd after his Feb. 7, 2023, State of the Union Address was edited to fabricate a conversation that never happened.


On or about Sept. 13, 2023, a captioned video went viral on X (formerly Twitter) and other platforms that purported to show a bewildered-seeming U.S. President Joe Biden having to be told by a whispering staffer, "We're in the capital [sic] building and you're going the wrong way. Exit from the other side of the building like we gave in the map."

Most of the replies to social media posts containing the clip understood it as a political dig and took it (or pretended to take it) as evidence that Biden's mental acuity was in decline. One X user wrote:

How is this not  all over the media
How is this not  all over Congress 
Why is he still the president 
Let him retire and step down with Grace

I know it would be the end of the Democrat party for 25 years but come on

The reason it wasn't "all over the media" was that the clip had been doctored; no such incident had really happened. A fake audio track was added to put words in the mouth of the woman whispering to Biden. As was clearly visible (look at the above video again), the words she was supposedly whispering did not match the movements of her lips.

In a matching C-SPAN video of the same moment (post-speech chatter) during the same event (Biden's Feb. 7, 2023, State of the Union Address), what the woman said is completely inaudible. Biden's response to her is somewhat audible, if indistinct, however, and what he says to her doesn't jibe at all with the claim that she had just given him directions for leaving the building. Here's the clip with the actual, original audio:

The moment begins at the 1:31:07 mark in C-SPAN's full video of the 2023 State of the Union Address.