What Fans Of Kitchen Nightmares Hope To See In Future Seasons

Gordon Ramsay in New York
Gordon Ramsay in New York - John Lamparski/Getty Images

"Kitchen Nightmares" has been a beloved reality show in the U.S. since 2007, so much so that fans were left wondering why it was canceled in 2014 only to be brought back a decade later. Whether we're watching chef Gordon Ramsay loudly proclaim someone "a donkey" for their ineptitude, spit particularly vile food into a napkin, or wave rancid chicken around a dirty kitchen, we're hooked.

With speculation ongoing as to whether or not we'll get new episodes in 2024, folks are pondering what a new season of the show would be like. Reddit user ExoticShock took to the KitchenNightmares Subreddit, asking fans what they would like to see in a new season.

Responses from users unearthed several major themes, with the most frequently mentioned requests being the return of the narrator and more locations. However, the overwhelming desire among users is for the show to be more like its U.K. counterpart in future seasons.

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Is Kitchen Nightmares Too Edited?

Gordon Ramsay smiling
Gordon Ramsay smiling - Leon Bennett/Getty Images

There is a significant difference between how reality television is produced and edited in the U.K. and U.S., and comparing the British version of "Kitchen Nightmares" with its North American counterpart highlights this. On another Reddit thread, user Hieillua describes loving the U.K. show but being unable to sit through a single episode of the U.S. version due to its alleged sensationalism and editing.

This disillusion with the show's editorial style seems to have persisted into the newer seasons, with users wanting more of the U.K. version's authenticity, as well as footage of Gordon "kicking it with the staff." Users even noticed a dip in Gordon's on-screen passion, wondering if the format has become stale for him, too.

It seems that people want to see what made the best episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" so very special in the first place: a genuinely dedicated master of his craft pushed to the brink by incompetence, desperately trying to pull a struggling business back from a precipice -- and yelling at people. A lot.

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