Fans Are Sounding Off On Netflix And Other Streaming Shows They Were Sad To See Canceled, And It's Making Me Realize How Many Good Ones Got Axed

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Last year was a brutal one for TV cancellations, most notably Netflix's cancellations. The streamer is known for axing shows, no matter how popular they may seem, and it almost always hurts. In the past, Netflix has been called out for one-season cancellations because it happens a lot. Now, more people are complaining about the platform and other streaming services ending shows after short runs, and it’s making me realize just how many have gotten the boot.

What Fans Think About Netflix Cancellations

Many fans took to a Reddit thread to share their anger over Netflix shows that got canceled that they’re still upset about. Adding on to the fact that some series have gotten canceled, uncanceled, then canceled again, or straight up renewed then reverse renewed, it’s definitely tough to reflect on this topic.

This is especially true for fans of series that were well-received, like Santa Clarita Diet, as Salt-Hunt-7842 pointed out:

It's so frustrating when a show you're invested in gets canceled when it's popular and well-received. I was disappointed when Netflix canceled Santa Clarita Diet after just three seasons. The quirky humor and unique premise made it stand out, and it had a dedicated fanbase that was eager for more. It's a shame when streaming services pull the plug on shows that have struck a chord with audiences.

Meanwhile, others were giving short but reasonable answers, with some shows getting a lot more traction than others, such as Julie & the Phantoms, Mindhunter, Cursed, The OA, Sense8, The Midnight Club, and many more for Santa Clarita Diet. The consensus is that Netflix has prematurely ended a lot of shows, and no matter how long it’s been, fans will still be angry:

  • Travelers was really good. Some weird stuff but very high level sci fi with almost no special effects. -andthreaway1

  • I’m really mad about Shadow and Bone! -Fit_Pumpkin7461

  • I really enjoyed The Midnight Club. It could have been awesome if they'd let the storyline play out. -glitterally_me

  • I will never forgive them for canceling The OA -Slamnflwrchild

  • The Order Fate: Winx Saga October Faction. I’ve learned Netflix will cancel a good series leaving it on a big cliffhanger and just say “deal with it” as they continue to raise prices. -Dark_Phoenix25

There have just been way too many shows that Netflix has canceled, and between those ones and my personal favorites The Society (which got the tragic reverse renewal), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Daybreak, among many more, it’s heartbreaking having to say goodbye so soon. It’s clear that there are so many great shows and only so little time, but maybe 2024 will see a change for that. Especially since it’s not just Netflix throwing the ax.

Other Streaming Shows Falling Victim To Cancellation

While Netflix gets a lot of hate for the cancellation of many shows, it is definitely not the only streamer to ax fan-favorites, and I'm getting tired of the one-season cancellations. Many fans gave their thoughts on plenty of other shows they are still mad about, including those that had so much more to tell, and TengoCalor gave a perfect example:

How I Met Your Father because now we’ll never know! The show had just started to find its good place in my opinion

Whether Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney+ or any other streamer or network, no show is immune to cancellations. While it is inevitable for all series, it would definitely be better if they went out on their own terms rather than ending on a cliffhanger or with a finale that was truly not meant to be a finale. The thread is filled with many more shows, and it’s making me realize just how many great shows ended far too soon.

  • Lovecraft Country HBO MAX -rbarrett96

  • HBO’s Julia - a third season is already scripted but they went ahead and pulled the plug. Such a great show. -Jazzlike_Grand_7227

  • Willow on Disney+, completely removed too can't watch the only season ever again. It was really good that I wanted to see it again to see if I missed anything but can't now. -Rose_E_Rotten

It’s definitely hard when a series gets canceled, and while there usually is a reason, it doesn’t make it any better. Lately, many streamers and networks have had to make cuts in their budgets, with streamers also cutting down their content libraries. Hulu has been on a cancellation spree as of late, and there's no telling when it could end. With any canceled series, there is always the possibility the show could be saved elsewhere, as that has happened before on numerous occasions. But there’s never a guarantee and more than likely, the initial cancellation will be the blow.

At the very least, there are still plenty of shows to look forward to on the 2024 TV schedule. As streamers and networks continue to make more decisions on their series, fans will want to watch what they can and brace for the worst because you never know what could happen.