Fantasy Baseball 2017 Draft Kit

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Fantasy Alarm is ready for the 2017 fantasy baseball season with its comprehensive draft guide. From rankings to tiers to sleepers to strategies, dominate your league with the ultimate cheat sheet.

Fantasy Baseball 2017 Draft Kit

Fantasy Alarm is ready for the 2017 fantasy baseball season with its comprehensive draft guide. From rankings to tiers to sleepers to strategies, dominate your league with the ultimate cheat sheet.

There are tons of fantasy baseball draft guides out there. Some are solid pieces of work; others, not so much. What you’re about to preview is a draft kit that makes all others cower in fear. It’s as if Adele showed up to have a sing-off with Britney Spears.

The 2017 Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide is geared to help you learn how to win. We could just say A or B, but we want to teach you why A or B is the right call. In essence, we’re trying to put ourselves out of business by making you the fantasy expert. To that end, here is what the guide contains.

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2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings and Tiers

The rankings are the heart of the Draft Guide -- the culmination of everything you will read about below.

1. The rankings are updated until opening day. If David Price hurts his arm orSonny Gray is shut down, the rankings are updated. This will happen daily until the first pitch of the season.

2. The rankings can be downloaded right to your computer in an Excel form so you can adjust them as you see fit (though we don’t know why you would want to do that).

3. The rankings are for 10-, 12- and 15-team mixed leagues. There are also rankings for 10-,12- and 15-team AL- and NL-only leagues.

4. The rankings include dollar amountsfor those of you in auctions in any of the setups mentioned above.

5. The rankings are also tiered, which is a method you can use to manipulate and control others at the draft table. The tiering model groups “like players” without the outright focus on Player A or B. This type of drafting is a simple method you can use to help you decide which player to take when you’re stuck trying to decide if you should take that outfielder or pitcher.

Catcher| First| Second| Third| Shortstop| Outfield| Starter|Closer

Fantasy Baseball Player News and Stats

The Draft Guide contains the award-winning Player Profile Series provided by yours truly, Ray Flowers. There are no three-sentence player capsules in our Draft Guide; rather 1,000-plus word breakdowns of players you need to know about. There are also videos discussing the ups and downs of the players. Note that this section continues to grow, as profiles are added until opening day.

Howard Bender breaks down the rookie landscape. We also have a piece on what you should think about second-year players like Brandon Drury, Aaron Judge, Jose Berrios, and Blake Snell.

What pitchers are in the danger zone because of workload increases?

Why do you need to know about ABA and SWIP, two new measures detailing the effectiveness of pitchers?

Once you get past the elite arms, what names might be worth a look?

How should you set up a keeper league?

Which splits really matter?

Which players are overvalued and undervalued?

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Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

We have a "30 strategies" section, which speaks to you about the different ways to win in fantasy baseball, including...

...Why you shouldn’t worry so much about the first round.

...Why you should avoid taking relievers early(but whymiddle relieversmatter).

...Why you should not depend on rookies.

...Which skill you should target with your hitters and pitchers.

...Why measures like BABIP, ground-ball and fly-ball rates, and strikeout-to-walk rates matter.

...How you should attack an auction draft.

...Whether “punting” a category works.

...How you should use your late-round picks.

...How you should prepare the correct trade offer.

...How you should work the waiver wire.

DOMINATE YOUR LEAGUE:2017 Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide

Everything above only scratches the surface of what our Draft Guide contains. If you havea question, the Draft Guide will answer it. You want to dominate your draft? The Draft Guide will help you do that. You want to learn how to break down players? We will teach you how.

We look forward to you enjoying the hard work of the Fantasy Alarm team.

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