Fantasy Football Rankings Week 12: Quarterback

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  • Fantasy Football Rankings Week 12: Quarterback

    Week 12 isn't the time to have start 'em, sit 'em questions at QB, but many of you will. Not only are four legitimate starters on bye (Kyler Murray, Philip Rivers, Patrick Mahomes, and Kirk Cousins), but at least one more potential starter is hurt (Matthew Stafford). That vaults several sleepers into the starting tier of our Week 12 fantasy QB rankings. 

    It also doesn't help that Tom Brady (vs. Cowboys), Aaron Rodgers (@ 49ers), and Dak Prescott (@ Patriots) have brutal matchups. Carson Wentz (vs. Seahawks) and Jared Goff (vs. Ravens) aren't in great spots either, especially when you factor in they're already borderline starters.

    That opens the door for Baker Mayfield (vs. Dolphins), Sam Darnold (vs. Raiders), Jacoby Brissett (@ Texans), and Derek Carr (@ Jets) to move into our top 12. It's tough to feel great with any of them (except maybe Carr), but they have the matchups that can lead to big stats.

    If you're really daring, you can try Mitchell Trubisky (vs. Giants), Mason Rudolph (@ Bengals), Dwayne Haskins (vs. Lions), and Jeff Driskel (@ Redskins), all of whom have favorable matchups, as well. We're not nearly as excited about this group, so it's probably best to leave them for DFS tournaments. 

    Clearly, there will be some chances taken this week at QB. Picking between, say, Aaron Rodgers and Baker Mayfield won't be easy, but in that case, we advocate playing the matchup.

    Reminder: Check back for rankings updates throughout the week.

  • 1 Lamar Jackson, Ravens

    Ravens @ Rams

  • 2 Russell Wilson, Seahawks

    Seahawks @ Eagles

  • 3 Matt Ryan, Falcons

    Falcons vs. Buccaneers

  • 4 Jameis Winston, Buccaneers

    Buccaneers @ Falcons

  • 5 Deshaun Watson, Texans

    Texans vs. Colts

  • 6 Derek Carr, Raiders

    Raiders @ Jets

  • 7 Drew Brees, Saints

    Saints vs. Panthers

  • 8 Jacoby Brissett, Colts

    Colts @ Texans

  • 9 Sam Darnold, Jets

    Jets vs. Raiders

  • 10 Baker Mayfield, Browns

    Browns vs. Dolphins

  • 11 Carson Wentz, Eagles

    Eagles vs. Seahawks

  • 12 Josh Allen, Bills

    Bills vs. Broncos

  • 13 Aaron Rodgers, Packers

    Packers @ 49ers

  • 14 Dak Prescott, Cowboys

    Cowboys @ Patriots

  • 15 Tom Brady, Patriots

    Patriots vs. Cowboys

  • 16 Jared Goff, Rams

    Rams vs. Ravens

  • 17 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins

    Dolphins @ Browns

  • 18 Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

    Redskins vs. Lions

  • 19 Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

    Bears vs. Giants

  • 20 Mason Rudolph, Steelers

    Steelers @ Bengals

  • 21 Jeff Driskel, Lions

    Lions @ Redskins

  • 22 Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

    49ers vs. Packers

  • 23 Nick Foles, Jaguars

    Jaguars @ Titans

  • 24 Ryan Tannehill, Titans

    Titans vs. Jaguars

  • 25 Kyle Allen, Panthers

    Panthers @ Saints

  • 26 Daniel Jones, Giants

    Giants @ Bears

  • 27 Ryan Finley, Bengals

    Bengals vs. Steelers

  • 28 Brandon Allen, Broncos

    Broncos @ Bills

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