Fantasy Football Rankings Week 12: Defense

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  • Fantasy Football Rankings Week 12: Defense

    Our Week 12 fantasy defense rankings likely aren't going to make you feel any better about your lineup this week. It doesn't take long before waiver wire streamers start popping up -- and weak ones at that. Some of the top D/STs have tough matchups, making start 'em, sit 'em decisions even more difficult.

    We'll start with those tough matchups. The Patriots (vs. Cowboys), 49ers (vs. Packers), and Rams (vs. Ravens) are all in spots where you wouldn't normally play them, but it's tough to doubt the Pats and Niners with how well they've played this year. Given the alternatives, you're probably better off sticking with these defenses, though the Rams worry us the most. 

    Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | Kicker

    The top streams this week include the Raiders (@ Jets), Lions (@ Redskins), Browns (vs. Dolphins), Redskins (vs. Lions), and suddenly hot Falcons (vs. Buccaneers). We don't blame you for wanting to avoid any of these mediocre D/STs, but playing the matchup is generally a preferred strategy when it comes to D/STs. These units have the highest boom-or-bust upside this week. 

    Of course, we know any D/ST can pay off with one big play, so it's always tough to say any defense is a must-start or a must-sit. In a week like this, you shouldn't worry too much because many owners will be in similar positions.

    WEEK 12 PPR RANKINGS: Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end

    NOTE: Check back for updates throughout the week. 

  • 1 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Steelers @ Bengals

  • 2 Chicago Bears

    Bears vs. Giants

  • 3 New Orleans Saints

    Saints vs. Panthers

  • 4 Buffalo Bills

    Bills vs. Broncos

  • 5 Denver Broncos

    Broncos @ Bills

  • 6 New England Patriots

    Patriots vs. Cowboys

  • 7 Oakland Raiders

    Raiders @ Jets

  • 8 Detroit Lions

    Lions @ Redskins

  • 9 Cleveland Browns

    Browns vs. Dolphins

  • 10 San Francisco 49ers

    49ers vs. Packers

  • 11 Washington Redskins

    Redskins vs. Lions

  • 12 Atlanta Falcons

    Falcons vs. Buccaneers

  • 13 Tennessee Titans

    Titans vs. Jaguars

  • 14 Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jaguars @ Titans

  • 15 Green Bay Packers

    Packers @ 49ers

  • 16 Baltimore Ravens

    Ravens @ Rams

  • 17 Carolina Panthers

    Panthers @ Saints

  • 18 Los Angeles Rams

    Rams vs. Ravens

  • 19 Miami Dolphins

    Dolphins @ Browns

  • 20 Cincinnati Bengals

    Bengals vs. Steelers

  • 21 New York Giants

    Giants @ Bears

  • 22 Houston Texans

    Texans vs. Colts

  • 23 Seattle Seahawks

    Seahawks @ Eagles

  • 24 Indianapolis Colts

    Colts @ Texans

  • 25 Philadelphia Eagles

    Eagles vs. Seahawks

  • 26 New York Jets

    Jets vs. Raiders

  • 27 Dallas Cowboys

    Cowboys @ Patriots

  • 28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Buccaneers @ Falcons

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