Farah: I want to be Gunners' fitness coach

Arsenal fan Mo Farah does not share Usain Bolt's dream of playing for his football team - but he does want to help them by becoming their fitness coach.

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Britain's Mo Farah reacts as he wins the men's 5000m final (Reuters)

The Olympic 5,000m and 10,000m champion doesn't think he'd have the frame to help out Arsene Wenger on the pitch, but he still thinks he could help restore the ailing club's glory days.

"I don't think I'd be any good at playing, but I'd like to help out at the Gunners for sure," Farah said.

"I was talking to my wife the other day and I said: 'I'd make a good fitness coach for the team or something,'" he added.

"I could try to help players if they were injured or going through hard times, be able to do little things with them."

Farah has long been open about his love of the trophy-shy club, who have won nothing at all since the 2005 FA Cup.

In that time Farah has collected 10 golds, five silvers and a bronze in World and European competition; perhaps his best role with the club would be helping them cope with the pressures of success should their days of woe ever come to an end.

If he did link up with the Gunners, Farah would not be the first Olympian to try his hand at training footballers as former decathlon champion Daley Thompson has spent spells working as fitness coach for both Wimbledon and Luton Town.

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