Fashionable People on What They Wear to Bed

Welcome to Sleep Week! We're dedicating five days of content to one of our absolute favorite activities, and the products that make catching zzz's that much more enjoyable. Get ready to sleep tight. 

Thanks to social media, it can be pretty easy to get a sense of someone's style. But have you ever wondered what fashionable folks wear to sleep?

Fashionista asked editors, influencers and stylists about their favorite comfortable and stylish pajamas and loungewear. Some (ingeniously) go to bed in workout clothes, so that they can roll out of bed and into the gym. Others opt for playful prints and luscious silk fabrics. Once the cocktail hours, fashion shows and red carpets end, this is what the stylish set love to rest in.

"My favorite pajamas are from Petite Plume. They feel super fancy without being too fancy to actually sleep in. The pima cotton PJs are gloriously soft and luxurious (and breathable – always key!) All the prints are pretty and feel elevated, too. (True story: I have worn one of the printed silk PJ tops styled over jeans for drinks!) The ultimate reason I'm obsessed with Petite Plume, however, is the kids' pajamas: There's nothing cuter than seeing a tiny little person in a miniature version of adult PJs – unless they're monogrammed, too. I'm buying these for my twins to match my grown-up size set."

Petite Plume Women's Pima Pajama Set in Pink Stripe, $118, available here (sizes XS-XL)

"Asceno pajamas, La Ligne and Eberjey — all these brands are not only super comfortable, they're also chic. Perfect for zooming and having dinner at home!"

Asceno The London Silk PJ Pants, $150, available here (sizes S-XL)

"These PJs are my favorite because they're so damn comfy. They're an elastane-modal blend — a stretchy, breathable material that's so soft, it's almost cold to the touch. They're available in up to size 20, with petite, regular and tall lengths, and in 13 colorways. I personally have the black set with white piping .(Classic!) I wear it to sleep, around the house and sometimes even for my morning walk. It might be time to get a back-up set…"

Victoria's Secret Modal Long Pajama Set, $70, available here (sizes XS-2XL)

"My favorite pajamas are the Leset Pointelle Set (top and bottom). They're made of the softest fabric, and I love having the option to layer the tank top and matching cardigan. The Pointelle pants and top are my favorite set to put on after doing a full girl shower on Sundays. It truly starts my week off on the right note when I fall asleep in the coziest, cutest PJs."

Leset Pointelle Boxer Pant, $120, available here (sizes XS-XL) and Pointelle Slim Fit Long Sleeve, $88, available here (sizes XS-XL)

"Evewear pajamas are designed by my dear friend, so I've been wearing them for years. I love that the designs are playful (who said pajamas should be so serious?!), and that quality is top-notch, as my weekly washing for years can attest. It's just a bonus that the brand is eco-friendly and locally produced in Los Angeles."

Evewear The Betty, $128, available here (sizes XS-2XL)

"My favorite pair is absolutely my Rachel Antonoff Susie PJ Set. Her prints are always great, and the excellent cut and fit on these has tempted me to wear them outside more than once. For cooler months, I love my Pet Me onesies from Yitty. The fabric is super soft and cozy, and the little heart-shaped pockets on the butt are adorable."

Rachel Antonoff Susie PJ Set, $225, available here (sizes XS-3X)

"My partner calls me a little furnace when I sleep: I emit a lot of heat, but I also run cold... These Tekla striped PJs made from 100% organic cotton are breathable yet keeps me cozy. Also, the striped top and bottom are each chic enough to wear on their own, with a tank or bike shorts for those quick morning coffee runs."

Tekla Poplin Long-Sleeved Shirt, $240, available here (sizes 2XS-XL) and Poplin Pants, $205, available here (sizes 2XS-XL)

"I love this Eric Emmanuel set. I got it as a gift from a friend for the holidays, and I can wear them around the house, but I even love to wear the button-down in my everyday casual outfits."

Eric Emanuel EE Pajamas, $299, available here (sizes S-2XL)

"I love the whipped line by Negative Underwear. They're really lightweight and soft. I also love the sleep suits by La Ligne — they're 100% cotton and very breathable. Plus, the colors have a fun Wes Anderson-movie vibe."

La Ligne Bonne Nuit Pajamas, $250, available here (sizes 2XS-XL)

"I love these pajamas because they're a little bit boyfriend and a little bit glam. Everyone should wear a feather sleeve to bed."

Sleeper Party Pajamas Set with Detachable Feathers, $390, available here (sizes XS-XL)

"I pretty much sleep in the same thing every night: a black Pangaia sleeveless tee with black H&M shorts. I have a dozen of each, so I'm never without a clean set! These are my favorite pajamas mostly because I'm lazy. This is also my workout uniform — instead of changing into workout clothes in the morning, I just go to sleep in my workout clothes and, when I wake up, I can go straight to the gym or play tennis without any fuss. Work smarter, not harder!"

Pangaia Men's 365 Lightweight Rib Tank Top, $55, available here (sizes XS-XL)

"Aside from being so soft and comfy, these Petite Plume pajamas are great for the girlies who tend to run hot when they sleep. It provides the perfect amount of warmth without causing any sweating or leading you to ripping them off in the middle of the night."

Petite Plume Women's Pima Pajama Set in Navy, $118, available here (sizes XS-XL)

"I've always gravitated toward wearing anything loose and lightweight for bed. I tend to get hot throughout the night, so I usually only sleep in bottoms — either basketball shorts (even though I haven't held a basketball since fifth grade) or joggers. Right now, I'm in my jersey shorts era, and have been a big fan of these from Old Navy, which my mom gave me. Thanks, Mom! They're comfortable, and I can also get away with wearing them outside on the New York sidewalk when I take my dog out before bed."

Old Navy Jersey-Knit Pajama Shorts, $20 $7, available here (sizes XS-4XL)

"Victoria's Secret still makes great pajamas. I run hot while I sleep, so I need something functional, light but put-together enough if I need to throw on a jacket and take my dog out after oversleeping or want to feel like I'm in a Nancy Meyers movie while making my morning cup of coffee. I love VS's lace cami sets for the warmer months and their satin pant-sets for when it's cooler."

Victoria's Secret Modal & Lace Trim Cami Set, $50, available here (sizes XS-2XL)

"My favorite brands are Roy G, Haven Well Within and Sleeper. I try and wear more natural material to bed. I like organic cotton and silk so my pores can breath. It feels like my sleep pattern is better because of it."

Roy G Ultraviolet Psychedelic Silk Slip Midi Dress, $280, available here (sizes XS - L)

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