Our favorite horror game of 2022 is on sale for Steam's horror sale and just fixed our biggest issue

 Signalis character with blue eyes and metallic facial features faces screen.
Signalis character with blue eyes and metallic facial features faces screen.

There are almost no excuses left to skip Signalis, our favorite horror game of 2022. It's 20% off for the Steam horror sale and it just received a patch that lets you bypass our biggest problem with it.

Signalis plays like old Resident Evils—third-person shooting from various over-the-head camera angles—while you explore abandoned facilities warped by nightmarish monsters and dream logic like in Silent Hill. One of the first things you pick up is a copy of The King In Yellow—it gets weird fast.

For $15.99, you can experience what might be one of the best horror games in the last 10 years. In our review of Signalis, Dominic Tarason said it "takes a hundred familiar elements, inspirations and references and weaves them into something entirely new, and thoroughly worthwhile."

Tarason's only issue was its tedious inventory management, which developer Rose Engine just addressed in a patch this week. Update 1.2 adds a list of changes to the game (and some juicy unwritten changes) as well as an option to increase the size of your inventory and prevents your flashlight and camera tool from taking up slots by default. While it might water down the homage to Signalis' classic horror game influences, the option will save you from having to return to a safe room every few hours to clean out your pockets.

With its most fiddly flaw out of the way if you choose, you can focus on enjoying the surreal and surprisingly touching story that follows a lone android looking to fulfill a promise she made before everything went downhill. Horrid creatures, bizarre puzzles, and a maze of locked doors and hallways stand in her way.

Diehard survival horror fans will eat it all up, but even scared little babies like me can appreciate unforgettably haunting sequences that feel like exploring a backroom. Signalis rules and there's never been a better time to play it.