When Is Your Favorite TV Show Back? An A-to-Z List of 300+ Scripted Series

When Is Your Favorite TV Show Back? An A-to-Z List of 300+ Scripted Series
When Is Your Favorite TV Show Back? An A-to-Z List of 300+ Scripted Series

“When is my favorite show back?”

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These days — more than ever — you find yourself asking that question as the scripted fare brought to a halt by the writers’ and actors’ strikes trickles back onto your screens.

TVLine’s “When Is My Show Back?” list is here to answer that question!

In fact, that is all that the A-to-Z list below is here to do — tell you when any given show will be back with new episodes. There are no “renewal odds,” just dates (when known) or a simple “TBD” (when… TBD). Plus, the occasional reminder of for how long an un-renewed show has been in limbo.

There are 300+ TV shows (!) listed below, but this list (by design!) is not 100% comprehensive. No reality or game shows are included, ditto acquired series. And you’ll find only a handful of animated programs. Any cancelled shows listed are from the 2022-23 broadcast season or anything that got axed within the past few months, purely as handy (if oh-so-sad) reminders.

Yes, there are many TBDs — titter all you want — but trust us, you want this list handy, you need this list handy, always linked in vibrant yellow from atop the TVLine desktop page!

When is your favorite show back? Scroll down and find out.
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A ▪ B

Abbott Elementary (ABC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 4
Acapulco (Apple TV+): May 1
Accused (Fox): Return date TBD
Afterparty, The (Apple TV+): Cancelled
Ahsoka (Disney+): Season ended Oct. 3; (essentially) renewed for Season 2
Alert: Missing Persons Unit (Fox): Currently airing
Alex Rider (Freevee): Final season dropped April 5
All American (The CW): Currently airing
All American: Homecoming (The CW): Summer
All Creatures Great and Small (PBS): Return date TBD (renewed through Season 6)
All Rise (OWN): Cancelled
All the Queen’s Men (BET+): Season 3 ended Aug. 31; fate TBD
Almost Paradise (Freevee): Season 2 ended July 21; fate TBD
American Born Chinese (Disney+): Cancelled
American Dad! (TBS): Renewed for Season 19
American Horror Stories (Hulu): Season 3 dropped Oct. 26; fate TBD
American Horror Story (FX): Delicate Part 2 currently airing; renewed for Season 13
American Rust (now on Prime Video): Season 2 dropped March 28; fate TBD
And Just Like That… (Max): 2025
Animal Control (Fox): Currently airing; already renewed
Archer (FXX): Dec. 17 (new, 3-part series finale)
Ark, The (Syfy): Summer 2024
Artful Dodger, The (Hulu): Season 1 dropped Nov. 29; fate TBD
Assisted Living, Tyler Perry’s (BET): Season 3 ended Oct 4; fate TBD 
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix): Return date TBD (renewed for final 2 seasons)
Awkwafina Is Nora … (Comedy Central): Season 3 ended June 7; fate TBD

Based on a True Story (Peacock): Return date TBD
Beacon 23 (MGM+): Currently airing
Bear, The (Hulu): June 2024
Bel-Air (Peacock): Return date TBD
Berlin (Netflix): Return date TBD
The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+): April 24
Big Mouth (Netflix): Return date TBD (final Season 8)
Billions (Showtime): Series ended
Billy the Kid (MGM+): Return date TBD
Black Cake (Hulu): Finale dropped Dec. 6; fate TBD
Black Hamptons, The (BET+): Season 2 ended Dec. 28; fate TBD
Black Lady Sketch Show, A (HBO): Series ended with Season 4
Black Mirror (Netflix): 2025
Blindspotting (Starz): Cancelled
Blue Bloods (CBS): Currently airing (final season, Part 1)
BMF (Starz): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 4
Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS): Currently airing (final season)
Bob’s Burgers (Fox): Return date TBD (Season 14B)
Bookie (Max): Return date TBD
Bosch: Legacy (Freevee): Return date TBD
Boys, The (Prime Video): June 13
Breeders (FX): Series ended
Bridgerton (Netflix): May 16 (Part 1) and June 13 (Part 2); renewed through Season 4
Brothers Sun, The (Netflix): Cancelled
Buccaneers, The (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Bunk’d (Disney Channel): Ending with Season 7 in 2024

C ▪ D ▪ E

Central Park (Apple TV+): Cancelled
Chad: Cancelled (Season 2 released Jan. 19 on Roku)
Chapelwaite (MGM+): Cancelled
Cherish the Day (OWN): Season 2 ended November 2022; fate TBD
Chi, The (Showtime): May 10 (streaming), May 12 (linear)
Chicago Fire (NBC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 13
Chicago Med (NBC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 10
Chicago P.D. (NBC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 12
Chucky (Syfy): April 10 (Season 3B)
Cleaning Lady, The (Fox): Currently airing
Clipped (FX for Hulu): Series premiere June 4
Cobra Kai (Netflix): 2024 (final season)
The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin (Apple TV+): Finale dropped April 5; fate TBD
Condor (MGM+): Season 3 “in development
Conners, The (ABC): Currently airing
Constellation (Apple TV+): Finale dropped March 27; fate TBD
Criminal Minds: Evolution (Paramount+): Return date TBD
Criminal Record (Apple TV+): Finale dropped Feb. 21; fate TBD
Crown, The (Netflix): Series ended Dec. 14
Cruel Summer (Freeform): Cancelled
CSI: Vegas (CBS): Currently airing
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO): Series finale aired April 7
The Curse (Showtime): Season 1 ended Jan. 12; fate TBD

Dark Matter (Apple TV+): Series premiere May 8
Dark Winds (AMC): 2025
Dave (FXX): Season 3 ended May 31; not returning for Season 4
Death and Other Details (Hulu): Cancelled
Diplomat, The (Netflix): 2024
Disenchantment (Netflix): Series ended Sept. 1
Doc (Fox): Series premiere date TBD
Doctor Who (Disney+): May 2024
Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. (Disney+): Cancelled
Doom Patrol (Max): Cancelled
Dr. Death (Peacock): Season 2 dropped Dec. 21; fate TBD
Dr. Wolf (NBC): Series premiere date TBD
Dreaming Whilst Black (Showtime): Return date TBD
Dune: Prophecy (Max): Fall 2024

Echo (Disney+): Season 1 dropped Jan. 9; fate TBD
Echo 3 (Apple TV+): Season 1 ended November 2022; fate TBD
Elite (Netflix): Return date TBD (final Season 8)
Elsbeth (CBS): Currently airing
Emily in Paris (Netflix): Return date TBD
Equalizer, The (CBS): Currently airing
Euphoria (HBO): 2025
Evil (Paramount+): May 23 (final season)
Expats (Prime Video): Finale dropped Feb. 23; fate TBD
Extended Family (NBC): Finale aired March 26; fate TBD
Extraordinary (Disney+): Season 2 dropped March 6; fate TBD

F ▪ G

Fallout (Prime Video): Series premiere April 10
Family Guy (Fox): Currently airing
Fantasy Island (Fox): Cancelled
Fargo (FX): Season 5 ended Jan. 7; fate TBD
Fatal Attraction (Paramount+): Cancelled
FBI (CBS): Currently airing; renewed for Seasons 7-9
FBI: International (CBS): Currently airing; renewed for Season 4
FBI: Most Wanted (CBS): Currently airing; renewed for Season 6
Fear the Walking Dead (AMC): Series ended Nov. 19
FEUD (FX): Capote vs. The Swans finale aired March 14; fate TBD
Fire Country (CBS): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 3
First Wives Club (BET): Season 3 ended December 2022; fate TBD
Flight Attendant, The (Max): Cancelled
For All Mankind (Apple TV+): Season 4 ended Jan. 12; fate TBD
Found (NBC): Return date TBD
Foundation (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Franchise, The (HBO): 2024
Franklin (Apple TV+): Limited series premiere April 12
Frasier (Paramount+): Return date TBD
FROM (MGM+): 2024
FUBAR (Netflix) Return date TBD
Futurama (Hulu): Currently streaming; already renewed

Game, The (Paramount+): Cancelled
Gen V (Prime Video): Return date TBD
Ghosts (CBS): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 4
Gilded Age, The (HBO): Return date TBD
Ginny & Georgia (Netflix): Return date TBD; renewed through Season 4
Girls5eva (now on Netflix): Season 3 dropped March 14; fate TBD
The Girls on the Bus (Max): Currently streaming
Glamorous (Netflix): Cancelled
Godfather of Harlem (MGM+): Return date TBD
Goldbergs, The (ABC): Series ended May 3
Good Doctor, The (ABC): Currently airing (final season)
Good Omens (Prime Video): Return date TBD (final season)
Good Trouble (Freeform): Series ended March 5
Goosebumps (Disney+): Return date TBD, now an anthology
Gossip Girl (Max): Cancelled
Gotham Knights (The CW): Cancelled
Grand Crew (NBC): Cancelled
Great North, The (Fox): Currently airing
Great, The (Hulu): Cancelled
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 21
Grimsburg (Fox): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 2
grown-ish (Freeform): Currently airing (final episodes)

H ▪ I ▪ J ▪ K

Hacks (Max): May 2
Halo (Paramount+): Season 2 ended March 21; fate TBD
Handmaid’s Tale, The (Hulu): 2025 (final season)
Harlem (Prime Video): Return date TBD
Harley Quinn (Max): Return date TBD
Harry Potter series (Max): 2026
Heartstopper (Netflix): Return date TBD
Heels (Starz): Cancelled
Hello Tomorrow! (Apple TV+): Season 1 ended April 7; fate TBD
High Potential (ABC): Series premiere Fall 2024
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+): Cancelled
Hightown (Starz): Series finale aired March 8
Hijack (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Home Before Dark (Apple TV+): Season 2 ended August 2021; fate TBA
Home Economics (ABC): Cancelled
The Horror of Dolores Roach (Prime Video): Cancelled
House of Payne, Tyler Perry’s (BET): Season 12 ended Sept. 6; fate TBD 
House of the Dragon (HBO): June 16
HouseBroken (Fox): Season 2 ended Aug. 6; fate TBD.
How I Met Your Father (Hulu): Cancelled
Human Resources (Netflix): Cancelled

I Love That for You (Showtime): Cancelled
iCarly (Paramount+): Cancelled
Industry (HBO): Return date TBD
Interview With the Vampire, Anne Rice’s (AMC): May 12
Invasion (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Irrational, The (NBC): Return date TBD
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX): Return date TBD; renewed through Season 18

Joan (The CW): Series premiere date TBD
Joe Pickett (Paramount+): Cancelled
Julia (Max): Cancelled

Killing It (Peacock): Season 2 dropped Aug. 17; fate TBD
Kingdom Business (BET+): Season 2 ended Dec. 14; fate TBD
Kings of Napa, The (OWN): Season 1 ended March 2022; fate TBD
Kite Man: Hell Yeah! (Max): Series premiere 2024
Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, A (HBO): Late 2025
Krapopolis (Fox): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 2

L ▪ M

La Brea (NBC): Cancelled, series finale aired Feb. 13
Land of Women (Apple TV+): Summer 2024
Last of Us, The (HBO): 2025
Law & Order (NBC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 24
Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC): Currently airing
Law & Order: SVU (NBC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 26
Lawmen: Bass Reeves (Paramount+): Season 1 ended Dec. 17; fate TBD
Letterkenny (Hulu): Final season dropped Dec. 26
Leverage: Redemption (Prime Video): Return date TBD, now on Prime Video
Librarians: The Next Chapter, The (The CW): Sequel series premiere TBD
Life and Beth (Hulu): Season 2 dropped Feb. 16; fate TBD
Lincoln Lawyer, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
Little America (Apple TV+): Season 2 dropped December 2022; fate TBD
Little Demon (FXX): Season 1 ended October 2022; fate TBD
Loki (Disney+): Season 2 ended Nov. 9; fate TBD
Loot (Apple TV+): Currently streaming
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC): Currently airing
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The: Return date TBD
Lucky Hank (AMC): Cancelled

Magnum P.I. (NBC): Cancelled
Mandalorian, The (Disney+): Returning with feature film
Manhunt (Apple TV+): Currently streaming
Mary & George (Starz): Currently airing
Master of None (Netflix): Season 3 dropped May 2021; fate TBD
Masters of the Air (Apple TV+): Finale dropped March 15; fate TBD
Matlock (CBS): Series premiere during 2024-25 TV season
Mayans MC (FX): Series ended
Mayfair Witches, Anne Rice’s (AMC): Return date TBD
Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+): June 2
Minx (Starz): Cancelled
Miracle Workers (TBS): Cancelled
Mo (Netflix): Return date TBD
Modern Love (Prime Video): Season 2 ended August 2021; fate TBD
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+): Finale dropped Jan. 12; renewed for Season 2
Monster (Netflix): Return date TBD (Menendez Brothers season); renewed through Season 3
Morning Show, The (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Prime Video): Season 1 dropped Feb. 2; fate TBD
Ms. Pat Show, The (BET+): Return date TBD
Murder at the End of the World, A (Hulu): Limited series ended Dec. 19
My Brilliant Friend (HBO): First half of 2024 (final season)
My Life With the Walter Boys (Netflix): Return date TBD
Mythic Quest (Apple TV+): Return date TBD

N ▪ O ▪ P

Nancy Drew (The CW): Cancelled
Nautilus (AMC, AMC+): 2024
NCIS (CBS): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 22
NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS): Currently airing
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS): Series ended May 21
NCIS: Sydney (CBS): Return date TBD
Neighborhood, The (CBS): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 7
Never Have I Ever (Netflix): Series ended June 8
New Look, The (Apple TV+): Finale dropped April 3; fate TBD
Night Agent, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
Night Court (NBC): Season 2 ended March 26; fate TBD
9-1-1 (now on ABC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 8
9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox): Fall 2024
1923 (Paramount+): Return date TBD
1944 (Paramount Network): Series premiere TBD
Not Dead Yet (ABC): Currently airing

Obliterated (Netflix): Cancelled
Old Man, The (AMC): Return date TBD
Only Murders in the Building (Hulu): Summer 2024
Orville, The (Hulu): Season 3 ended Aug. 4, 2022; fate TBD
Other Two, The (Max): Series ended
Our Flag Means Death (Max): Cancelled
Outer Banks (Netflix): Return date TBD
Outer Range (Prime Video): 2024
Outlander (Starz): 2024 (Season 7B)
Oval, The (BET): Finale aired March 12; fate TBD

P-Valley (Starz): Return date TBD
Pachinko (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Palm Royale (Apple TV+): Currently streaming
Parish (AMC): Currently airing
Party Down (Starz): Revival ended March 31; fate TBD
Peacemaker (Max): Return date TBD
Penguin, The (Max): Fall 2024
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Disney+): Return date TBD
Peripheral, The (Prime Video): Cancelled
Perry Mason (HBO): Cancelled
Physical (Apple TV+): Series ended
Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (Peacock): Cancelled
Poker Face (Peacock): Return date TBD
Politician, The (Netflix): Season 2 released June 2020; fate TBD
Poppa’s House (CBS): Series premiere during 2024-25 TV season
Power Book II: Ghost (Starz): June 7 (final season)
Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz): Return date TBD; already renewed for Season 5
Power Book IV: Force (Starz): Return date TBD
Praise Petey (Freeform): Cancelled
Presumed Innocent (Apple TV+): Limited series premiere June 14
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (Max): May 9

Q ▪ R

Quantum Leap (NBC): Cancelled

Rabbit Hole (Paramount+): Cancelled
Ramy (Hulu): Season 3 ended September 2022; fate TBD
Rap Sh!t (Max): Cancelled
Ratched (Netflix): Not returning (per Sarah Paulson)
Reacher (Prime Video): Return date TBD
Reasonable Doubt (Hulu): Return date TBD
Recruit, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
Regime, The (HBO): Finale aired April 7; fate TBD
Reginald the Vampire (Syfy): May 8
Rehearsal, The (HBO): Return date TBD
Renegade Nell (Disney+): Season 1 dropped March 29; fate TBD
Rescue: Hi-Surf (Fox): Series premiere date TBD
Reservation Dogs (Hulu): Series ended
Resident Alien (Syfy): Currently airing
Resident, The (Fox): Cancelled
Riches, The (Prime Video): Cancelled
Ride (Hallmark): Cancelled
Rig, The (Prime Video): Return date TBD
Righteous Gemstones, The (HBO): Return date TBD
Riverdale (The CW): Cancelled
Rookie, The (ABC): Currently airing
Rookie: Feds, The (ABC): Cancelled
Run the World (Starz): Cancelled
Russian Doll (Netflix): Season 2 dropped April 2022; fate TBD
Ruthless (BET): Season 4 ended June 15; fate TBD


Sandman, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
Santa Clauses, The (Disney+): Finale dropped Dec. 6; fate TBD
Saturday Night Live (NBC): Currently airing
Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+): Cancelled
SEAL Team (Paramount+): 2024 (final season)
Serpent Queen, The (Starz): Return date TBD
Servant (Apple TV+): Series ended
Severance (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Sex Education (Netflix): Series ended Sept. 21
Sex Lives of College Girls, The (Max): First half of 2024
Sex/Life (Netflix): Cancelled
Shadow and Bone (Netflix): Cancelled
Shining Vale (Starz): Cancelled
Shōgun (FX for Hulu): Currently streaming/airing
Shoresy (Hulu): Season 2 dropped Oct. 27; renewed for Season 3
Shrinking (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Sight Unseen (The CW): Currently airing
Silo (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Simpsons, The (Fox): Currently airing
Single Drunk Female (Freeform): Cancelled
Sistas, Tyler Perry’s (BET): Currently airing
61st Street (now on The CW): Return date TBD
SkyMed (Paramount+): Return date TBD
Slow Horses (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
Snowfall (FX): Series ended
Snowpiercer: Early 2025 (final season on AMC/AMC+)
So Help Me Todd (CBS): Currently airing
Somebody Somewhere (HBO): Return date TBD
South Park (Comedy Central): Return date TBD
Squid Game (Netflix): 2024
Squid Game: The Challenge (Netflix): Return date TBD
Stargirl, DC’s (The CW): Cancelled
Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+): Currently streaming (final season)
Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+): Finale dropped Nov. 2; Season 5 in development (final season)
Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+): Series ended April 20
Star Trek: Prodigy: Cancelled at Paramount+; already-produced Season 2 streams on Netflix in 2024
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+): 2025; Renewed for Season 4
Station 19 (ABC): Currently airing (final season)
Still Up (Apple TV+): Finale dropped Oct. 27; fate TBD
Stranger Things (Netflix): 2025
Succession (HBO): Series ended May 28
Sugar (Apple TV+): Series premiere April 5
Summer I Turned Pretty, The (Prime Video): Return date TBD
Super Pumped (Showtime): Return date TBD
Superman & Lois (The CW): Fall 2024
Surface (Apple TV+): Return date TBD
SurrealEstate (Syfy): Return date TBD
Swagger (Apple TV+): Cancelled
S.W.A.T. (CBS): Currently airing (uncancelled/renewed for Season 8)
Sweet Magnolias (Netflix): Return date TBD
Sweet Tooth (Netflix): Return date TBD
Sympathizer, The (HBO): 2024

T ▪ U ▪ V

Tacoma FD (truTV): Cancelled
Tales of the Walking Dead (AMC): Season 1 ended September 2022; More Tales From the TWDU premiere date TBD
Tales (BET): Season 3 ended September 2022; fate TBD
Ted (Peacock): Season 1 dropped Jan 11; fate TBD
Ted Lasso (Apple TV+): Season 3 ended May 31; fate (technically) TBD
Tell Me Lies (Hulu): Return date TBD
Tell Me Your Secrets (Prime Video): Season 1 dropped February 2021; fate TBD
Terminal List, The (Prime Video): Return date TBD
That ’90s Show (Netflix): Return date TBD
THEM (Prime Video): April 25 (‘THEM: The Scare‘)
This Fool (Hulu): Cancelled
Titans (Max): Cancelled 
Tokyo Vice (Max): Season 2 finale dropped April 4; fate TBD
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Prime Video): Series ended
Tracker (CBS): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 2
True Detective (HBO): Return date TBD
True Lies (CBS): Cancelled
Truth Be Told (Apple TV+): Series ended March 24
Trying (Apple TV+): May 22
Tulsa King (Paramount+): Return date TBD
Twenties (BET): Season 2 ended December 2021; fate TBD
2024 (Paramount Network): Series premiere TBD
Twisted Metal (Peacock): Return date TBD

Umbrella Academy, The (Netflix): Aug. 8 (final season)
Uncoupled (now on Showtime): Return date TBD
Undone (Prime Video): Season 2 dropped April 2022; fate TBD
UnPrisoned (Hulu): Return date TBD
Upload (Prime Video): Return date TBD (final season)
Upshaws, The (Netflix): April 18; already renewed Season 6

Vampire Academy (Peacock): Cancelled  
Veil, The (FX for Hulu): Series premiere April 30
Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix): 2024 (final season)
Virgin River (Netflix): Return date TBD

W ▪ X ▪ Y ▪ Z

Walker (The CW): Currently airing
Walker Independence (The CW) Cancelled
Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, The (AMC): Return date TBD
Walking Dead: Dead City, The (AMC): Return date TBD
Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, The (AMC): Finale aired March 31; fate TBD
Warrior (Max): Cancelled
Warrior Nun (Netflix): Cancelled; returning as film trilogy?
Watcher, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
Watchful Eye, The (Freeform): Cancelled
Way Home, The (Hallmark): Return date TBD
Wednesday (Netflix): Return date TBD
Welcome to Derry (Max, IT prequel): 2025
Welcome to Flatch (Fox): Cancelled
What We Do in the Shadows (FX): Return date TBD (final season)
Wheel of Time, The (Prime Video): Return date TBD
When Calls the Heart (Hallmark): Currently airing
White Lotus, The (HBO): Early 2025
Wild Cards (The CW): Finale aired March 20; fate TBD
Will Trent (ABC): Currently airing; already renewed for Season 3
Winchesters, The (The CW): Cancelled 
Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (HBO): Cancelled
Witcher, The (Netflix): Return date TBD
With Love (Prime Video): Cancelled
Wolf Like Me (Peacock): Season 2 dropped Oct. 19; fate TBD
Wolf Pack (Paramount+): Finale dropped. March 16; fate TBD
Wonder Years, The (ABC): Cancelled

Yellowjackets (Showtime): Return date TBD
Yellowstone (Paramount Network): November 2024 (final episodes)
YOU (Netflix): 2024 (final season)
Young Rock (NBC): Cancelled
Young Sheldon (CBS): Currently airing (final season)

Zatima (BET+): Season 2 ended Sept. 21; fate TBD

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