Your favourite Olympic moments

We asked you to tell us of your favourite moments from the Olympics and you chose a wide range of different storylines and emotions.


Some of you picked victories from GB stars, others were mesmerised by international icons, while plenty chose moments that can only really happen at the Olympics.

Here is what some of you plumped for. Continue to leave your memorable Olympic moments at the end of the article.

Alison (Leek)

What a fantastic show we've had with so many memories! I loved the total shock on the face of the 15-year-old Lithuanian girl (Ruta Meilutyte) when she realised she'd won her county's first gold. Jessica Ennis coming back to re-take three girls on the final bend in the 800m. Jamaica's 1-2-3 in the sprint. The sheer exhaustion of some of our rowers after giving their all - and watching our home town girl Anna Watkins take gold with Kath Grainger and make it look so easy. And so much more! Brilliant, all of it.

Mike (Leatherhead)

It was incredible to watch the commitment and patriotic determination shown at the Games. Kate Walsh summed it up for me - jaw fractured in three places, metal plate inserted and playing hockey again within a week to lead GB to bronze. Knowing full well she was very likely to get a ball or stick on the jaw again. Amazing - and made me wonder how many footballers would have done this.


Laura Trott. Competed at age 20 in the team pursuit coming out with the gold medal and then in the hardest event in the Olympics, the Omnium, which involves six disciplines over two days. The effort of each event dragging on the competitors legs for the next. Winning the elimination race showed guile beyond her years and then final sprint time trial, where she beat the rest of the world and clinched gold. Priceless.

Darren (Isle of Man)

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Has to be Gemma Gibbons for me, the pride and happiness as she looked up and spoke to her mum, never ceases to stir the emotions every time I see it.

Greystar (Reading)

It was all magic. Watching Ben Ainslie in the medal race was almost like watching a game of chess, the master sailor and race tactician engineering a fantastic victory.


I just loved watching Mo Farah. It was so, so exciting just watching him stride his paces and then just "take off" towards the end of the races... in his interviews he was so excited with it all and could not thank the crowd enough as well as his lovely wife and daughter who were there to cheer him along... and Mo... good luck with the twins hope all goes well.

Gary O'Brien (Uxbridge)

The defining Olympic for moment for me, and one that underpins the whole legacy we are trying to convey is that of GB boxer Anthony Joshua. A young man who, four years ago had never boxed but follows a friend into a North London gym to "give it a go" defeats the world number one and two on his path to glory. A local lad, inspired through sport developing into a very well balanced and hugely talented gold medallist. THAT is what the Games are about.

Mike (Rochdale)

Being in the stadium for David Rudisha's incredible win in the best 800m race ever. When the clock showed 23.4s for the first 200m we knew it was going to be a quick one. Then he just kept going and dragged the rest of the field with him to the point every athlete in the field got a minimum of a season best, with a world record, and a national record thrown in. Magnificent!

Red Shadow (London)

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What a fantastic two weeks. I think we did the Games proud, well organised, well supported and great venues. There are too many great sporting moments to mention here. But the one thing that stood out throughout the fortnight was the sheer joy of the competitors if they achieved something. I will never get tired of watching Katherine Copeland's reaction with Sophie Hosking when they crossed the line and realised they were the gold medallists in the rowing. Priceless.

Hans (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

As a Dutchman I completely agree with the selection of Epke Zonderland winning the horizontal bar title as the moment of the Games. Everyone was watching this in Holland and I was standing in my room screaming at him. It was breathtaking but also very bad for the heart for the 58 seconds it lasted. For me this performance gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

Diana (London)

What about the British performance in the dressage! Not just the gold medal and the bronze, but one of most beautiful images of the whole Games as that winning horse came dancing along to the sound of 'Land of Hope and Glory'. The training is every bit as difficult and rigorous for the horses and their riders as the most exacting of sports but so fine tuned, a real celebration of a partnership in spirit . Loved it!

Stan (London)

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A difficult call this as there are so many. So, I will go wild and vote for Robert Harting the German discus thrower who, on winning the gold did not shed tears, but burst into an ecstatic display of athleticism during his victory celebration - jumping over the hurdles and ripping off his shirt to the delight of spectators. Good for repeat.

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