'It Feels Like the Perfect Match!' Man Utd Striker Wants His New Fragrance to 'Conquer' the World

Aramide Oladipo

​ Zlatan simply loves a challenge.  The Swedish phenomenon has been a success wherever he has been and he’s demonstrating his quality with Man Utd this season, notching up an impressive total of 26 goals in all competitions.

Ibrahimovic is now entering the aftershave and fragrance industry and this week, he showed off his Zlatan perfume for men and his Supreme fragrance for both men and women.

In typical Zlatan style, (via The Mirror) the Swede didn’t hold back and expressed that similar to his footballing career, he wants his fragrance to be number one.

Zlatan fragrance
Zlatan fragrance

"I want to do something and conquer, just like I do with football. I have been very involved from the start, I'm learning every day. A couple of years ago, this was a whole new world for me, but I met two lovely persons who were very confident, just like me when I'm playing."

"It felt like some kind of perfect match. I only go in to this to make a difference and we were confident we could make our own story.

"I would never do something that I don't stand behind, it's not to make money, I will still eat, I will still survive. It's for a real challenge for me. My personality is in every drop."

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