Fergie: Foreign players dive more

Sir Alex Ferguson claims that foreign players are more liable to dive in the Premier League.

Premier League - Fergie accuses Spurs of 'manipulating the rules'

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Sir Alex Ferguson (PA Photos)

The familiar issue has erupted once again after Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero said following the weekend it is harder for foreign players to win fouls from referees.

Both Pablo Zabaleta and Carlos Tevez were denied spot-kicks in a 2-1 win at Fulham and when asked if players from overseas had a tougher time getting decisions than their British counterparts, he replied: "Yes. Always. But it happens everywhere [in the world].

"There is a little bit of privilege with players who come from that country. That is normal. We just play our game, and the referee's job is to know who is tricking him and who is not."

However, Aguero's argument holds little water for Ferguson, who believes foreign players are more likely to indulge in simulation.

On the eve of United's Champions League tie with Cluj, he said: "It's not worth going into that subject because down the years there have been plenty of players diving, and you have to say particularly foreign players."

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