Ferrari: Alonso deserved the title


Stefano Domenicali believes Fernando Alonso was the driver who deserved the world championship the most, after missing out to Sebastian Vettel in Brazil.

Alonso finished second at Interlagos but Vettel's recovery to sixth from a first lap spin that put him at the back of the field was enough for him to clinch the crown by three points.

Domenicali reckons that the fact Alonso had come so close despite his costly first lap exits in Belgium and Japan was reason to feel huge disappointment about the outcome - but intense satisfaction at the job his driver had done.

"Yes, we are proud of him," he said. "But we are very disappointed because the one who deserved this championship was really him.

"It is a shame because, after such a long season that we really fight in all conditions, we raced 18 races and not 20 – and being second by three points is not a lot. But that is the way it is."

Domenicali suggested that Ferrari was fighting an unstoppable force in Vettel, something which could be judged by the way that the German went from a disastrous opening lap to secure his third crown.

"Sometimes there is a sign of destiny where you really can appreciate what is the direction of the wind," he said.

"After the first lap, after seeing what has happened and what was the outcome of the first lap, you start to think wow! For sure we need to do a better job next year."

Domenicali also said that there was no doubt that Alonso's title was wrecked in Belgium and Japan, and not lost in Brazil.

"Watch the facts," he said. "Zero points in two races so we have done what we have done with 18 races. The others had 20 – and the points were over 20 races. These are facts, not words."

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