Ferrari vows it won't be underdog in '13


Ferrari is confident that it will be able to provide Fernando Alonso with a car that is capable of winning the Formula 1 championship next year after his near-miss in 2012.

Alonso led the points at various stages this year, but he was unable to overcome a performance deficit with the F2012 that left him playing catch-up to Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull.

Ferrari believes that the strong strategy and operational strengths of its outfit mean that a step forward with its car should deliver better championship prospects in 2013.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali expects that changes in the regulations next year - especially the more limited use of DRS in qualifying – will be a help too.

"We are trying to correct the points that were not the best in terms of our car," he said.

"We need to improve the pace in qualifying, and the situation with DRS is something that should theoretically help.

"That is why I am confident that we should be in a different position at the start of the season next year."

Domenicali believes there are reasons to feel encouraged by Ferrari's performances at the end of the season.

"Don't forget in the last four races we were the team that scored the most points," he said.

"And in racing we were, in my view, the best in terms of managing pitstops, managing strategy, and being best in reliability.

"We didn't have the fastest car at the beginning of the season, and maybe in the second half of the season we were not able to improve the car.

"This is something that we need to work harder on in order to improve it.

"Of course we have ideas as we know where we lacked. We also know we paid a big price in qualifying that hurt our performance in the race."

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