FIA moves 2013 German GP forward


The 2013 German Grand Prix has been moved forward one week to accommodate another European race, the FIA World Motor Sport Council confirmed today.

With a three-week gap resulting from the date change, the 21st July has now been reserved for a European-based event. The German event will now run on 7th July.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone said on Tuesday that he was working on plans to resurrect the Turkish Grand Prix.

The calendar was left with 19 races after it was announced the planned New Jersey Grand Prix would be postponed until 2014.

Alongside the calendar changes, the FIA announced a number of rule tweaks including the abolition of the qualifying 'force majeure' rule, as predicted by AUTOSPORT last month.

As revealed by AUTOSPORT, the F1 Technical Working Group also agreed to postpone to 2017 the requirement for all cars to be driven exclusively under electric power in the pitlane.

For next year, DRS use during practice will be permitted only in the race-specified zones, while the team personnel curfew will be extended from six to eight hours on Thursday night.

Only two exceptions - rather than the previous four - will be permitted across the season.

The FIA also confirmed a small increase in minimum weight to compensate for an increase in tyre weight, and the introduction of more stringent front wing deflection tests.

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