FIA plans two DRS zones at most tracks


The FIA is committed to providing two DRS zones at as many tracks as possible next year to ensure that rule changes do not result in a reduction in overtaking.

The governing body announced at the United States Grand Prix that for next year drivers will only be able to activate DRS in practice and qualifying in the designated overtaking zones used in the race.

Although that move prompted suggestions that teams could opt for a set-up that did not make DRS effective, the FIA has moved to deter them away for that.

For 2013, it has confirmed that it will provide a second DRS zone on all circuits where it proves to be practical.

That should ensure that teams have to use wing levels and gear ratios that give a straightline speed benefit in qualifying in the DRS zones, therefore making the moveable wing a useful tool for the races.

McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe said earlier this week in a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in that the use of two zones was essential if DRS was going to continue providing good overtaking.

"We believe particularly that if [Formula 1 race director] Charlie [Whiting] arranges for two DRS zones at every circuit, which is what he has committed to doing, that this will give enough incentive to ratio the car accordingly," he explained.

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