Revealed: The FIFA 17 formation so good that EA Sports have banned it from Ultimate Team

Kavan Flavius

A team's formation is one aspect that can make or break the side during a match, but the same can't be ​said for EA Sports' FIFA.

Mostly, you just have to be better than your opponent. 

While formation isn't that big a deal in FIFA (as long as you're really good), it's still important, and certain set-ups can leave users with a bit of an advantage.

And apparently, there's this one formation that is said to give a massive edge during gameplay - so massive, EA have prevented players from using it in FIFA 17 FUT.


"Well what is this ridiculously good system?" you may ask. Well according to Dream Team, it's the 3-5-1-1 formation, and for obvious reasons, as it allows one to pack a midfield and exploit the flanks by using pacy wingers.

Dream Team claim that EA do not favour any 'game breaking formations', essentially formations that provide players with an unfair advantage over their opposition.

Check out the 3-5-1-1 in action in the video below.

Fortunately, the conventional 4-3-3 provides a great alternative as long as you put your best forward in the middle of the front three, with your fastest wingers flanking.

A good central midfielder behind them obviously helps, plus the occasional shot from distance doesn't hurt either.


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